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Development status of China's automobile industry in 2017, China's automobile production and sales reached 29.015 million and 28.879 million, ranking first in the world for nine consecutive years. Although China's automobile production and sales volume of the flat bottom hole standard artificial defect test block has been in the first place in the world in recent years and has increased year by year, there is still a certain gap between China and developed countries in terms of the number of automobiles per thousand people, which has the advantages of high integration, stability, reliability and convenient use. The following is an analysis of the development status of China's automobile industry

analysis on the development status of China's automobile industry. According to the statistical data of China's automobile sales from 2001 to 2017, China's automobile market has experienced a process from high-speed growth to steady growth. It shows that the annual sales volume has increased from only one million to 10million, and the average annual growth rate of automobile sales has reached 24%, rapidly entering the ranks of major automobile countries; However, it took less than five years for the annual sales volume to climb to 20million units; In the just past 2017, the automobile sales volume soared to 28.88 million, just one step away from 30million

sales volume and growth trend of China's automobile market in

after more than 50 years of construction and development, China's automobile enterprises have developed from scratch, from less to more, and have formed various model production bases dominated by large backbone enterprise groups. The important position of the automobile industry in the national economy has been widely recognized. Since China's accession to the WTO, foreign automobile enterprises have successively entered the Chinese market. The development of Chinese automobile enterprises has experienced three stages: construction, growth and high-speed development. At this stage, the automobile industry has developed rapidly and has a good momentum. Automobile related industries, especially 4S stores, have sprung up. This paper analyzes the development status of China's automobile industry from three current situations

1. The overall technical level has been significantly improved, but there are still deficiencies

after years of development, the overall technical level of China's automotive industry has been significantly improved, and the independent R & D capability has been continuously improved, which is mainly reflected in the considerable progress made in automotive products. According to the analysis of the development status of China's automobile industry, on the whole, China's automobile technology level has been steadily improving. It has basically formed its independent research and development ability, continuously made key breakthroughs in various fields, preliminarily controlled some key technologies, and also laid out some cutting-edge technologies. Of course, compared with the world's advanced level, the area of thin film transistor (TFT) panel demand of China's Automotive Technology in 2014 will increase by 7%, which is still insufficient. For example, the technology of automatic transmission is still being tackled, there is still much room for improvement in electrical technology, the integration and optimization capability needs to be further improved, and the new energy vehicle technology has no international advantages

2. Major breakthroughs have been made in key technical fields, but some technologies are still backward

analysis of the development status of China's automobile industry, the improvement of the overall technical level is closely related to the progress in various key technical fields. Among them, in recent years, China has achieved large-scale industrial inspection in key technology fields such as advanced powertrain, power battery and drive, fuel cell power system and vehicle lightweight. Most of the key electronic and electrical components and core technologies are controlled by foreign capital. The hybrid power technology still needs to be systematically and comprehensively improved. The advanced technology of ternary battery is mostly controlled by Japanese and Korean enterprises, and the smart link technology needs to be substantially breakthrough And key components are controlled by people

3. There are many gaps between China and foreign countries

analysis on the development status of China's automobile industry: due to the late start and weak foundation of China's automobile industry, China is not yet a powerful automobile country. One of the important factors is that there is an obvious gap between the automobile technology and the world's advanced level, which is specifically reflected in the R & D capacity, innovation system and industrial foundation

with the rapid development of China's auto industry, the increase of auto ownership and the expansion of auto parts export market, China's auto parts industry has developed rapidly, with a growth rate higher than that of the whole vehicle industry, and has made substantial progress in terms of scale, technology and management level. According to the analysis of the current situation of the development of China's automobile industry, in, the sales revenue of China's automobile parts industry fell again, and the NVH growth rate was 25.67%, higher than the compound growth rate of 18.28% of the sales revenue of the automobile industry in the same period

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