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Cause analysis and Countermeasures of production safety accidents in underground mines

I. Basic Situation

existing non coal underground mining enterprises in Quzhou City × According to the jurisdiction, there are 2 at the municipal level, 7 in Qujiang, 2 in Longyou, 4 in Jiangshan, 2 in Changshan and 1 in Kaihua; According to the development methods (at the mine meeting), there are 5 adit development (including 1 in Qujiang, 2 in Longyou and 2 in Jiangshan), 1 inclined shaft development (1 in Changshan), 4 shaft development (3 in Qujiang and 1 in Jiangshan), and 8 joint development (2 at the municipal level, 2 in Qujiang, 2 in Jiangshan, 2 in Changshan and 1 in Kaihua). The minerals mined include calcite, pyrophyllite, fluorite, pyrite, zinc ore, copper ore, lead-zinc ore, bauxite, tungsten tin ore, uranium ore, etc

II. Current situation

1. There is a lack of geological data. Some mines start from prospecting to mining while exploring

2. The conditions are simple and the production system is imperfect, especially the ventilation system is in arrears, the air door leaks, the air duct short circuit is common, and the local fan ventilation and natural ventilation still exist in the mine. There are many winches pulled by small horses and carts, and there are also many without standby water pumps

3. Small scale, heavy burden, high cost, no money. Affected by the current financial crisis, product prices are low, and non-ferrous metal mines are in a state of shutdown

4. The enterprise is difficult and the safety investment is not in place

5. The staff structure is aging, with high mobility and low quality

III. fatal accidents in 2008

in 2008, a total of 8 production safety accidents occurred in non coal mining enterprises in the city, with 8 deaths, including 6 in underground non coal mining enterprises, accounting for 75% of the total number of accidents and deaths. Among the six fatal accidents in underground mines, two were at the municipal level and four in Qujiang, a record high

IV. analysis of accident causes

the causes of underground mine accidents in our city mainly include three aspects: first, unsafe conditions of things, second, unsafe behaviors of people, and third, management defects. The analysis is as follows

I) the unsafe state of things

1, the occurrence conditions of the ore body

1) the minerals involved in mining are mostly metallic and non-metallic, belonging to sedimentary deposits or structural filling deposits. During and after the formation of the deposit, it was affected by geological processes and geological structures, which destroyed the original state, changed the occurrence, and produced joints, fissures, and even fractures, which may be related to groundwater; Some filling metasomatism changes the mineral structure and the physical and mechanical properties of ore and rock. These late changes make it difficult to mine the deposit

2) the properties of surrounding rock (mineral composition, structure, structure, cement and physical and mechanical properties) are directly related to the stability of surrounding rock. For example, there are sporadic third green layers in dachayuanjing No. 5 ore body of Quzhou uranium industry company (it is light green, with massive structure and fused tuffaceous structure. The rock is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz crystal debris, rhyolite, tuff and other rock debris. The rock is volcanic ash cemented, and its alteration mainly includes kaolin, green illite water mica. The rock has a Proctor hardness of 6 ~ 8, loose structure, soft, impermeable, impermeable. The third green layer is light green, with massive structure and fused tuffaceous structure. The rock is mainly composed of long It is composed of stone, quartz crystal debris, rhyolite, tuff and other rock debris. The rock is volcanic ash cementation, and its alteration mainly includes kaolin and green illite water mica. The Proctor hardness of the rock is 6 ~ 8, loose structure, soft, impermeable and impermeable.) Long time exposure to the air was the direct cause of the "4.24" accident in 2008

3) the stability of surrounding rock is directly related to the mine roof accident. After the formation of the deposit analyzed above, it is affected by geological processes and geological structures, which is also applicable to the surrounding rock of the deposit. For example, the "6.7" accident in Lingshan mining area of Zhejiang Juhua Chemical Mining Co., Ltd. in 2008 that "heat conducting plastic is also used for pipes, heat exchangers, automobiles, heating/cooling/will also greatly reduce its use value, refrigeration and so on" is an example. The ore and rock in the working face have undergone multiple metallogenic tectonic activities, and the phenomenon of structural fracturing is common. It is filled and metasomatized along the fracture, cemented with breccia fragments, and partially mixed with argillized weak interlayer. The ore body and mineralized zone formed must be fracture development and strength decline. Local exposure or external force, such as the impact of rock loader bucket, is prone to ore body sliding or collapse

2. Production conditions

1) the ventilation system is imperfect. The main fan is replaced by the local fan; Ventilation facilities such as dampers, air bridges, and wind barriers are not set up or are incomplete; The ventilation circuit is disordered, with serious short circuit and air leakage. 2007 × In June, the ventilation system of well 2 of Xinchang tungsten tin mine in Changshan County was not formed, resulting in a poisoning and suffocation accident at the working face, killing one person

2) the waterproof and drainage facilities are not in place. The volume of water tank is small; No pump room, no standby water pump; There is only one drainage pipeline, which is not prepared for the prevention of severe rainstorm. The "6.28" heavy rain in 2008 flooded the chishuwan calcite mine (shaft mining) in xiapingtian village, Shangshang Town, Qujiang District

3) the mining plan cannot be implemented, and the production system cannot be formed for a long time. An underground mine in Qujiang District has been asked to revise the mining plan prepared by the intermediary agency

4) enterprises have difficulties, insufficient safety investment and many safety arrears. A considerable number of mines have not yet solved the problems of ungrounded neutral point of transformer supplying power underground and water supply for underground wet operation. According to the requirements of the regulations, underground mines must entrust intermediary institutions to regularly measure dust and wind, which is difficult

II) human unsafe behavior performance

1, personnel quality conditions

1) the person in charge and safety management personnel of the enterprise with safety qualification certificate do not have the safety production knowledge and management ability corresponding to the production and business activities of the unit

2) special operation Posts still have the situation of working without certificates, and provide decision-making consultation for the leading group

3) only a handful of enterprises have their own engineering and technical personnel (including employment)

2. The workforce is aging, the structure is unreasonable, and the liquidity is large

3. The rules and regulations have not been implemented in their own jobs, and the phenomenon of "three violations" occurs from time to time

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