A brief comment on the PVC market of China Plastic

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On October 13, China Plastics warehouse receipt PVC market brief comment

I. market brief:

today, PVC warehouse receipts were traded in large quantities, prices opened low and went high, and closed up slightly in the late trading. 11: The PVC warehouse receipt index closed at 1149.95 points, down 1.94 points from yesterday. In terms of transaction details, today's trading was active, with trading volume hitting a new high since August, and orders also increased. On the 30 minute K-line chart of PV index, one Yin and two Yang are closed today, and the physical position rises in turn

II. Trend of main warehouse receipts:

pv0611 was active in trading today, with abundant volume and energy. After the price opened slightly lower, it was sorted out in a narrow range of 7250 yuan/ton, and rose in the later period. It closed at 7300 yuan/ton in the late trading, up 15 points from yesterday. The commission ratio and internal and external orders show that the selling pressure is heavy, but the buyer has a strong ability to receive goods, and most transactions are concluded at the selling price

pv0612 opens up at 50 points, and the disk surface changes little in the middle and late stages. The late market closes at the opening price. A straight line is hung on the K-line chart, and the physical position is moved up to intersect the 10 day line

III. comprehensive analysis:

international oil prices closed slightly higher yesterday, far east ethylene remained stable, and due to poor purchase intention, there was a sharp decline in VCM in Asia. In terms of spot goods, the ex factory prices of petrochemicals have not changed much. The PVC raw material market performance of Yuyao plastic city is flat with the rapid increase of vehicle ownership. In fact, it is mainly aimed at the domestic high-end power battery market, with slightly lower transaction prices and a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. On the whole, affected by the weak fundamentals, it is difficult to be optimistic about the recent PVC warehouse receipts. If there is no major turning point in the future market, 5.2. The system working pressure is 21MPa, so be cautious

(personal view, for reference only; enter the market based on this, at your own risk)

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