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Cause analysis and Management Countermeasures of underground space fire

compared with ground buildings, the characteristics, evacuation and fire fighting of underground space fire are complex, mainly manifested in the characteristics of more serious disaster, large disaster area, rapid temperature rise and high temperature, difficulty in fire fighting and easy omission of management. These characteristics also put forward higher requirements for the prevention and control of fire, including fire causes, prevention and control countermeasures and management, fire characteristics and fire fighting methods, building layout and evacuation methods. At the same time, different underground building functions, scales, and the layout of underground buildings under the conditions of soft soil and hard soil all show different characteristics. Once the "light pressure" is generated by the light shining on the object, the consequences are extremely serious. Therefore, it is very important to study the occurrence, early warning, distribution and development of main technical specifications of fireworks in underground buildings, fire fighting method, fire prevention and fighting management system, building fire prevention and fire protection design of various disciplines

I. characteristics of underground space architecture

underground space architecture is often integrated with different building functions, forming a spatial organization form of above ground, underground and ground three-dimensional intersection. Large underground complexes have the same function as urban ground blocks, with the function of underground city in essence, but they are enclosed in large-scale underground building space. The underground space has the characteristics of airtightness. In order to meet people's various living and production needs, complex ventilation, lighting, water and electricity and disaster prevention facilities and equipment are required. Therefore, there are many equipment rooms, and a large number of facility pipelines are laid on the walls, ceilings and floors. The underground space has a large passenger flow, because it is the main area for people to travel, shopping and shopping. In order to attract people, the underground commercial entertainment space is luxuriously decorated with many combustibles. The connection between underground space and ground space is not convenient, including few entrances and exits and narrow passages. Even under normal circumstances, people will lose their sense of direction or have a sense of not knowing where they are when they enter the underground

II. Characteristics of building fire in underground space

among underground space disasters, the frequency of fire is the largest. According to the statistics of various disasters and accidents in underground space at home and abroad in Japan from 970 to 1990, which 1 cannot realize the distribution according to work, 32.1% of the attachments should be put away in case of fire, which shows that fire is the most threatening disaster in underground space disasters

in case of fire in underground space buildings, serious consequences will occur. Main reasons: first, it is difficult to evacuate due to crowding during personnel escape. When the fire broke out, people panicked, and even if there were many entrances and exits, they could not distinguish the location of the entrances and exits. The power failure caused by fire will make the situation worse. Second, underground space fires will produce a lot of smoke and heat. From the example of underground space fire, it is found that in case of underground fire, the temperature will soon reach 800 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃, and the direction of personnel evacuation is consistent with that of smoke exhaust diffusion. The panic of personnel and smoke blocking make the safety evacuation guide lights and signs not play a great role, and many people suffocate and die on the way of escape. Third, it is difficult to put out a fire in the underground space. The main reason is that the location of the fire source cannot be found out, and then because of the crowded personnel, the rescue personnel and large-scale rescue equipment can only enter from the vertical or horizontal entrances and exits. As long as it takes a few minutes, it is difficult to put out the fire

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