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Analysis of causes and Countermeasures for the high incidence of casualties in construction

with the rapid development of economy, the construction team has grown. These two heavy metal relocation restrictions have been implemented since September 14, 2018, but the accompanying casualties in construction have also increased rapidly. There are three characteristics of casualty accidents in Construction: first, the peak of accidents occurs in summer and autumn; Second, falling from height, electric shock and lifting injury accidents account for more than 90% of construction casualties; Third, the accidents caused by "three violations" of illegal command, illegal operation and violation of labor discipline account for the vast majority

according to the investigation and analysis of the accident and the inspection of the construction site, the reasons for the high incidence of the accident mainly include the following aspects:

1 Summer and autumn are the peak seasons of construction. Under the circumstances of tight production tasks and rush for construction period, the corresponding safety measures cannot keep up. In addition, summer and autumn are busy farming seasons. If construction workers are temporary workers of local farmers, these workers engage in construction during the day and go home to farm and collect grain at night. Even when working on the construction site during the day, they still think about the farm work at home. One mind and two uses, combined with energy and physical exhaustion, are also an important reason for casualty accidents

2. The enterprise leaders have a weak awareness of safety production, pay attention to the market and ignore the site, one-sided pursuit of economic benefits, only pay attention to immediate interests, and are not willing to invest in safety protection facilities, equipment maintenance, equipment upgrading and personnel training as long as the word "possible" is added before "revolutionary", Tom kneath, sales and marketing director of tri Mack, said, "aircraft manufacturers are facing huge storage space and potential benefits brought by expensive production. First, safety belts, helmets and safety" three treasures "are not fully equipped on the construction site; The "four openings" protection and edge protection of elevator entrances, hoistway entrances, stair entrances and reserved openings are not strict; The "four limits and two insurances" of cranes and construction elevators are incomplete or invalid; The "three-level power supply and two-level protection" is not implemented for temporary power consumption at the construction site, and the neutral connection or grounding measures are poor; The erection of scaffolding is not standardized, and the level of safety protection is extremely low. Second, they do not carry out "three-level safety education" and daily safety training for employees, and do not arrange special operators to participate in safety technology training. These workers do not understand basic safety operation common sense, have weak safety awareness, low safety technology quality, and sometimes violate rules and regulations in the process of work

3. The project is subcontracted layer by layer and managed by the package, resulting in a chaotic situation of unattended safety on the construction site. Moreover, subcontracting and extracting management fees at all levels will inevitably lead to insufficient investment in safety measures in the total project cost. In addition, due to the expansion of capital construction scale, the construction unit is seriously in arrears with the construction unit, which is also an important factor causing insufficient investment in safety at the construction site

4. The construction market is chaotic, especially the construction companies run by the party and government organs, which neither follow the regulations for construction, nor consciously accept management, which seriously interferes with the normal management of construction safety

5. Insufficient safety supervision and management. The factory inspection section of the Hong Kong Labour Department, which is responsible for production safety (not responsible for labor health), has a staffing of 250 people, and more than 70 people are only responsible for construction safety supervision. However, there are only dozens of safety supervisors and managers in cities, prefectures and non mines in our country, which is not only not comparable with foreign countries or the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, but also disproportionate to domestic traffic and fire management forces. Due to the lack of supervision and management, it is bound to create a gap in management

6 it is difficult to deal with accidents and implement rectification measures. When it comes to the administrative treatment of the person in charge of the enterprise and the accident, there is no clear punishment scale, and the accident investigation team has no right to dismiss the person in charge of the enterprise or directly deal with the accident. It can only submit the treatment opinions to the enterprise and its competent departments for implementation. However, it is unknown whether it is really implemented or whether the processing results are stored in my file or filled in the labor manual. Therefore, the accident treatment can only be water over the wet land, which can neither alert the person in charge of the enterprise and the accident, nor achieve the purpose of educating others, nor avoid the recurrence of similar accidents. In particular, the vast majority of township construction teams, from company managers to construction workers, are temporary workers of farmers. Even if they are really dealt with, it will not work for them. At most, it is to change another unit

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