Government departments should take the lead in rec

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Government departments should take the lead in using recycled paper

the use of recycled paper can greatly reduce environmental pollution and save forest resources, which is of great significance, but the promotion and use of recycled paper still needs the strong support and participation of all sectors of society. In particular, government departments should take the lead in using recycled paper, and a large number of carbon and sulfide lubricants and other all metal bushings are made of steel. Relevant national departments should also issue policies to encourage Promote the production and use of recycled paper

now, the Beijing municipal government has made a good start, using recycled paper for offices from the mayor to all government departments. The Shanghai municipal government has also made regulations requiring government departments to use recycled paper. What situation will it be! Government departments will take a good lead and drive their enterprises and institutions to use recycled paper; The mayor takes the lead in using recycled paper, which will also promote citizens to use recycled paper. In fact, many citizens in Beijing learned about recycled paper from the news that Mayor Liu Qi used recycled paper as a famous brand

in the form of laws, the United States and Germany have forced paper enterprises to use a certain amount of waste paper as production raw materials, and stipulated that 60% of the office paper used by government agencies must be recycled paper. According to the waste paper utilization act of California, the use of waste paper in the United States must account for 50% of the national paper output. In China, the recycling rate of waste paper was only 24.5% in 2000. According to customs statistics, China spent a total of US $5.6 billion to import pulp in 1999, becoming the world's largest pulp importer, which reflects the reality of the shortage of wood fiber raw materials in China. Therefore, the recycling of waste paper has more practical significance of adopting integrated circuits in China. China should strengthen the management of waste paper recycling as soon as possible, improve the proportion of waste paper that affects the service life of parts, establish corresponding waste paper recycling management departments, and formulate relevant regulations and waste paper recycling standards

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