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Google "play heartbeat "Invest in robots driving cars

when Google acquired Android in 2005, it broke the traditional model of search companies, and now it has to open up a newer business: robots driving cars! Even Google itself claims that this has nothing to do with their existing business. It seems that they are playing with a heartbeat! For this, it can't help thinking, how long can such a large span make the heartbeat?

Google innovation welcomes all parties to question the

category Such doubts have swept across the industry in an instant recently. Many people in the industry believe that Google's practice is essentially far from its main business, and the strategic core obviously has nothing to do with driverless robots. Therefore, the most specific consequence of the output of Google spokesman Aaron zamost is whether the huge stake in the future is worth it, and the future is also a huge question mark

everyone knows that a mature company in the rising period needs to carefully consider the expansion projects and scales. If the new business span is too large, the emergence of new conditions is likely to affect the original track, and even bring disastrous blows to the whole company and customers

some people also suggest that innovation should be separated into its own system, free from the constraints of the original fixed mode, and the competition and reduction of shared resources, which is more conducive to the formation of innovation. But there are new problems. Can Google really take such a big shot? How to determine the positioning of the new company, and how to control its fit with the original company? How can long-term growth and mutual transformation be achieved

Google adheres to the idea of facing doubts

the three principles of Google's investment in the 24 bit high-precision low noise high-speed AD converter are technological solutions to problems, technological application innovation under the general trend, and relevant investment in developing systems. Therefore, according to Google, automotive robots are in line with these aspects. In addition, they believe that the original mapping software tools can be used for reference in innovative projects. This is more reliable than a dairy company opening a pickle factory and selling imported crystal vessels. At least there are principles to be found

of course, the innovation of driverless robots is far from the core of Google. Perhaps this investment will become a very long-term investment, and the battle line may be very long. Whether Google can really adhere to the extension of data network to wireless network, that is, the terminal service of driverless cars, will be a difficult and unknown process

for Google, the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is also mostly between 50% and 100%. This heartbeat is another high-tech employment jump that has aroused heated discussion due to non core investment. We will wait and see whether it can realize its ideal value in many years

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