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Xunshi gold customer service interprets the typical application of FXO port for you

in Xunshi, there is such a group of people who work 24 hours a day, even on holidays. They are the customer service team of Xunshi

in this group, there is a loud name -- tip. As the selfie of the customer service team, she could have eaten on her face, but she had to rely on her talent -- solving problems, getting equipment remotely, and analyzing data. Many of our clients have received support from her, and are very curious about this tip, who only hears her voice but doesn't see her

Dangdang, so we invited the legendary tip in the second sharing class of "walking into converged communication", and asked her to chat with you about "typical application of Xunshi FXO"

course introduction

first, FXO port power-off escape application, to meet the needs of high reliability voice

when soft switch server failure, can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of thin film, enterprise router/ip voice equipment power-off or disconnection and other accidents occur, instant FXO port equipment can automatically switch outbound calls from IP network to analog external line, so as to ensure that enterprise outbound calls are not affected

second, FXO port connects with traditional PBX to realize the transformation from traditional to IP.

Xunshi FXO port equipment supports the retention of the original PBX in the headquarters, and realizes the IP voice group between the headquarters and its subordinate institutions through the exclusive or interconnection between Hawaii and California in the Great Pacific garbage belt of the enterprise. It not only protects the original fixed asset investment, but also has new VoIP communication functions

III. FXO port landing application in different places

when the external line resources of the local IP-PBX are insufficient, you can call out through the external line in different places. With the latest penetration service of Xunshi, local IP-PBX does not need fixed IP or dynamic domain name, nor does it need router port mapping. Remote FXO port devices can register to local IP-PBX

tutor introduction

Fei Lingfan, assistant to the director of customer service of Xunshi, Xunshi guarantees the appearance of service

good at: Xunshi om20/50 project support, data analysis, customer demand analysis

course arrangement

teaching time

June 16, 2017 14:: 00

(half an hour of teaching sharing, half an hour of interactive communication)

teaching place

1. Offline: Xunshi Shanghai headquarters

3/F, building 4, No. 188, Pingfu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

2 Online: enter the fusion communication group

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