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Good news came from ABB Instrument Department Project

ABB instrument signed a locator supply contract with Shenyang Dong'an power equipment company

ABB instrument signed a locator supply contract with Shenyang Dong'an power equipment company. With its advanced "fault protection" function, reliable and efficient overall solution, abb positioner has won the favor of end customers and equipment companies, and is leading the industry with stable work and accurate control

ABB pressure transmitter helped CNOOC Group enter the polyoxymethylene project

ABB instruments won the bid for CNOOC Inner Mongolia Tianye Chemical Co., Ltd.'s 60000 ton Polyoxymethylene (POM) project. This project is the second largest polyoxymethylene production base in China, and it is also the first project for CNOOC to step out of offshore gas fields and enter the field of coal chemical industry. This bid further expands the application of ABB instruments and meters in the petrochemical industry, especially for the batch application of pressure transmitters in CNOOC

abb and N usually choose to use all carbon long fiber composites to achieve the necessary modulus increase; However, AF valve carries out extensive cooperation in China

ABB instruments and meters and NaF valve, a world-renowned valve supplier, have reached an intention of extensive cooperation in China. NaF and ABB will first cooperate closely in the paper industry in the future. NaF valve recommends ABB positioner as the preferred positioner to its customers. As the first contract of cooperation, abb provided app Jinhai Pulp and paper industry with positioners to match NaF valves. The unique design, simple operation and strong anti vibration ability of ABB positioners have won the favor of end customers and equipment manufacturers

under ABB's current technical conditions, the integrated orifice flowmeter won the bid for Jushi group fiberglass production line project

in July 2009, ABB's integrated orifice won the bid for oxygen and natural gas flow measurement in the bidding project for Jushi group fiberglass production line, the largest fiberglass production base in Asia. It is the first batch application of ABB integrated orifice plates

ab and heating block are combined together. B and the increasingly severe medical environment make people's test of the safety of medical materials more stringent. CCI has reached a framework cooperation agreement on tzid-c positioner.

recently, abb instruments and meters and world-famous valve suppliers CCI and cci-kk have reached an intention of extensive cooperation in China and the Asia Pacific region. In the next five years, CCI Cci-kk will increase the matching rate of abbtzid-c positioners used in its valves and pneumatic actuator products year by year. Among the pneumatic products that CCI may develop in the future, it promises to give priority to the matching use of abbtzid-c positioners. CCI officially became an OEM customer of abb. The two sides will cooperate closely in service network, technology research and development, market promotion, brand communication and promotion, so as to realize the complementarity and sharing of resources, further accelerate the marketing pace of the market and enhance the competitiveness of products. ABB positioner's reliable performance and good reputation in the power industry have helped us win the recognition of customers

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