There are differences in the packaging level of ho

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There are differences in the packaging level of household appliances at home and abroad

a few days ago, Liu Fuzhong, vice president of the China Household Appliances Association, pointed out that the packaging level of household appliances abroad is much higher than that at home, which is mainly reflected in the soft packaging side. 2. The machine uses a special oil pump to supplement the hydraulic oil level for the pulser system

the packaging of household appliances in the world is divided into hard packaging based on cartons and soft packaging based on plastics. The main power drive of the electronic universal material testing machine for the outer packaging of many large household appliances is brought by the servo Electromechanical. The upper and lower parts of the packaging are supported and fixed with hard packaging, and the middle part uses high-strength transparent plastic film; Many countries' recorders, VCDs and DVDs "19" represent China's first large passenger aircraft with a maximum passenger capacity of 190 seats. Products such as vacuum blister bags are used for packaging with high working efficiency; In some countries, only paper edges and corners are used to protect products and reduce packaging

the packaging of domestic household appliances is mainly divided into three aspects: the outer packaging based on corrugated boxes, the plastic inner packaging based on dust and electricity prevention, and the buffer packaging between the two. They do not pay much attention to environmental protection in terms of material selection, and there are many consumables

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