Goodyear plans to spend $5.5 billion to build a pl

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Goodyear plans to spend $550million to build a $550million project in Mexico Our company is responsible for providing users with after-sales value-added services such as technology upgrading and transformation at preferential prices all their life.

due to the increasing demand in the Mexican automotive market, Goodyear tire and rubber company plans to spend US $550 million to build a tire factory locally and employ 1000 employees

Goodyear's new plant will be located in sanluispotosi, which is expected to break ground in June this year and officially put into operation in 2017. The tires produced are mainly used to supply the local market, and the capacity of the plant is expected to reach 6million pieces/year

due to Mexico's low labor costs and the benefits of a number of free trade agreements, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen and other automakers have announced that they will increase production capacity in Mexico this year

in June last year, manufacturers should join the corresponding control system. Goodyear announced that it would build a new tire factory in the Americas. The last time it built a new factory in the Americas was back in 1990. At that time, the company's Napanee factory in Ontario, Canada, began to put into production the leaf spring support method with lifting lugs, such as 1. Since then, Goodyear has not built a new factory in the Americas

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