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Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, and his delegation came to Weichai to investigate

Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, and his delegation came to Weichai to investigate

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on October 29, Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of Shandong provincial Party committee, led a team to Weichai to investigate. Accompanied by liushuguang, deputy secretary of Weifang Municipal Party committee and mayor, Gong Zheng investigated the transformation and upgrading of enterprises on site and listened to the introduction of Weichai's experience in enterprise production and operation and independent innovation

in October, Weifang is crisp in autumn and breezy. Xu Hong, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, accompanied Gong Zheng and his delegation to visit plant 2 and the science and technology exhibition hall. In Weichai high-speed and high-power Lanqing wp10/wp12 production base - No. 2 factory, Gong Zheng and his party felt the modern production workshop at close range. The highly automated and information-based production line here attracted Gong Zheng's great interest. He came forward one by one and examined it carefully. In the automatic gluing process, seeing the busy and orderly work of the automatic gluing robot, Gong Zheng praised it very much. He said that a modern production line is the guarantee to improve product consistency. Weichai cannot develop high-quality products without this high-tech production equipment

Lanqing series engine is a brand-new product developed by Weichai in collaboration with Austrian AVL company and international parts suppliers worldwide and integrated with the cutting-edge technology of internal combustion engine. In front of the rows of blue engine engines that have just come off the production line, Gong Zheng stopped to watch and asked Xu Hong about the detailed indicators of the engine. When hearing the characteristics of the engine, such as sufficient power, energy conservation and environmental protection, Gong Zheng appreciated that Lanqing series engines are the pride of national power, and increasing the intensity of scientific and technological innovation is an important reason why Weichai has always been able to lead the industry for many years, so we must adhere to it

then, Gong Zheng and his party came to Weichai science and technology exhibition hall and learned about Weichai's zigzag experimental machine operation steps from a small workshop for repairing firearms: step by step, Weichai has developed into an international enterprise. (3) the electrical control circuit is based on international standards. Through more than ten years of development, Weichai no longer relies solely on heavy-duty engine production, and has formed a diversified layout of four business segments: powertrain, complete vehicle, luxury yacht and key parts. Hearing that Weichai has formed such a huge power Kingdom, Gong Zheng felt sincerely happy and relieved

the internationalization strategy of Weichai has also attracted Gong Zheng's high attention. In recent years, Weichai has merged and acquired French boduan company to expand the layout of the whole series of engine industry; Acquire SCM, integrate the latest oilfield chemicals and technologies, participate in the conference Faraday, and enter the luxury yacht industry; Reorganize the German Kaiao group and Linde hydraulic business, and enter the world's leading forklift market... The internationalization pace of Weichai shows the perfect turn under the relevant diversified strategies. In front of the high-power engine, Gong Zheng enquired with great interest about the development of Weichai's overseas business. When he heard that in recent years, Linde hydraulic, Faraday yacht and other business sectors have made efforts to become Weichai's new profit growth point under the new economic normal, the leaders who came to inspect nodded their approval. Weichai's forward-looking strategic planning and perfect enterprise transformation have aroused strong attention. Gong Zheng especially encouraged Weichai not only to go out, but also to take advantage of its strengths and use them for our own use, and actively promote the overall improvement of the industry while realizing the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

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