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On November 18, the first China (Zhengzhou) printing and packaging products Expo came to an end at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

in the three-day Expo, there were more than 20 delegations from outside the province, 17 delegations from cities under the jurisdiction of the province, 15 delegations from sister cities and 30 delegations from printing associations, 1068 exhibitors and 130000 visitors from all walks of life. During this period, six business negotiation projects were signed, with a signed amount of 200million yuan. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of trade cooperation agreements reached 2.2 billion yuan

this India Expo has further expanded the space for economic, technological and trade cooperation in the printing and packaging industry, promoted the cooperative development of the printing and packaging industry, and brought together domestic and foreign printing and packaging equipment manufacturing industry, printing and packaging consumables business and equipment consumables customers. This exhibition shows more than 13000 products, 542 sets of the latest equipment and more than 20000 design works, which is the first time in the domestic industry exhibition. It has realized the seamless link of the printing and packaging industry chain, and created the brand and characteristics of Zhengzhou India Expo

during the ICIF, with the theme of focusing on the rise of the Central Plains and looking forward to the future of printing, five Academic Summit forums were successfully held, and expert lectures were full. Famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, beiren group and Shanghai Electric, also held different forms of technical exchange seminars and business seminars; It has spread information and technology for merchants, broadened the ideas and horizons of the participants, and enhanced exchanges and cooperation. It also provides an opportunity for printing and packaging enterprises to communicate directly with colleges and universities, and builds a talent platform for colleges and enterprises. Henan Institute of light industry and the provincial publishing school organized nearly 10000 college teachers and students to participate in this India Expo for talent exchange

sun quandang, assistant governor of Henan Province, informed the public that the conference attracted delegations from 15 sister cities and 30 printing associations. During the period, 1068 well-known enterprises, including Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, beiren, Shanghai Electric, etc., displayed more than 13000 new printing and packaging exhibits and 542 new equipment (sets). The number of visitors from all walks of life alone reached 130, 000, which exceeded the previous expectation of the organizing committee! Sun quandang said

according to the introduction, the current India Expo has set up four special exhibition areas, namely, the exhibition of printing and packaging design works, printing packages. 7.1.2 each batch of ex factory products must be subject to ex factory inspection, packaging products, printing and packaging equipment consumables, and business negotiation. It focuses on displaying the latest products, equipment, materials, and technologies in printing and packaging at home and abroad. It is the most complete professional exhibition in the printing and packaging industry chain in mainland China at present

during the ICIF, Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, beiren, Shanghai Electric and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad also held different forms of technical exchange seminars and business seminars; Henan Institute of light industry and Henan Publishing school organized nearly 10000 college teachers and students to attend the meeting for talent exchange

zhaojiancai, mayor of Zhengzhou, said that the first India Expo not only created high economic value, but also played a very important role in stimulating the growth of the regional comprehensive economic index, directly promoting the prosperity and development of the local printing and packaging industry

this exhibition not only creates high economic value and provides a wide range of employment opportunities, but also plays a very important role in stimulating the growth of the regional comprehensive economic index, directly promoting the prosperity and development of the printing industry, but also driving the development of transportation, logistics, tourism, catering, hotels, advertising and retail industry in Henan Province, including Zhengzhou city. It has expanded its influence in building Zhengzhou into an exhibition city in Central China and a national famous exhibition city

experts of the India Expo advocate green printing. On the opening day, more than 100 million yuan was signed

[opening] tens of thousands of guests and friends attended the opening ceremony

at 9:48 a.m., a salute was fired and fireworks bloomed. Governor lichengyu solemnly announced the opening of the first China (Zhengzhou) printing and packaging products Expo

kongyufang, Wang Wenchao, Zhang Yixiang, Shi Jichun, Chen Yichu and other provincial leaders attended the opening ceremony

Yan Xiaohong, deputy director general of the General Administration of publishing, Yong Zhan, President of China Printing Technology Association, Wang Demao, vice president of China printing and equipment industry association, and Yang Weimin, vice president of China Packaging Federation were invited to attend the opening ceremony

kongyufang delivered a speech at the opening ceremony on behalf of the Henan provincial Party committee and government. She pointed out that the Expo aims to build a platform for communication and interaction between printing and packaging enterprises and related industries, and promote the rapid development of printing and packaging enterprises

relevant principals from the China Council for the promotion of international trade, China printing and equipment industry association, China Printing Technology Association, China Packaging Federation and major leaders of Zhengzhou attended the opening ceremony

tens of thousands of representatives from well-known brand enterprises such as Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, Kodak, Shanghai Electric, beiren group, member units of the organizing committee, delegations from provinces and cities across the country, industry representatives and people from all walks of life attended the opening ceremony

[signing] the transaction volume of six projects exceeded 100 million yuan

yesterday morning, after the short opening ceremony, the signing ceremony of the first China (Zhengzhou) printing and packaging products Expo trade project was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, and six projects were signed successfully. According to the organizer's statistics, after the signing of these six projects, the transaction volume was more than 100million yuan. Among them, two projects with a total investment of 86million yuan and four equipment purchase and sales contracts were signed, with a total contract amount of 21million yuan

on the same day, at the trade fair, the exhibitors also held negotiations with the visitors. A number of famous printing and packaging equipment on display were owned, and a number of printing businesses also signed contracts

[public discussion] experts advocate green printing

yesterday afternoon, experts participating in the first China (Zhengzhou) India Expo Summit Forum said that some organic compounds in solvent based inks mainly used in China's printing industry contain carcinogenic ingredients, so green printing should be promoted

At the forum, tanjunqiao, a senior consultant of China printing and equipment industry association, said that environmentally friendly inks are harmful to human body

at present, solvent based inks are mainly used in China's printing industry, in which the emission of organic volatile matter is large. Some inorganic pigments contain heavy metal elements such as lead, chromium, copper and mercury, which are toxic and cannot be used for printing food packaging and children's toy packaging; Some organic pigments contain biphenyl gum, which is carcinogenic

Tan Junqiao said: the organic solvent used in printing will enter the body through skin contact, damage the human body and subcutaneous fat, and long-term contact will make the skin dry and rough; If it penetrates into the skin or blood vessels, it will endanger people's blood cells and hematopoietic function based on laboratory test results with the blood; Being sucked into the trachea, bronchus, lungs or transmitted to other parts through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels may even cause chronic poisoning. Some inks have the toxicity of heavy metal ions. Pigments and dyes contain carcinogenic ingredients, which are very harmful to human body

we must establish and improve the legal and regulatory system of green printing and green packaging in China in accordance with international practice. For green printing, green packaging needs strong policy support from the government to shorten the gap with developed countries. Tanjunqiao said

there are many highlights in the green city competition of domestic and foreign printing giants

Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, Kodak and beiren. With domestic and foreign printing giants gathering in green city, a performance show of the printing and packaging industry opened at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center yesterday

the printing workshop moved into the exhibition hall

How are the exquisite large-scale Coated Paper paintings, books, picture albums, paper cups and gift packages closely related to people's lives printed? The answer can be found at the India Expo

world-class printing equipment manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Komori Co., Ltd. demonstrated the printing process in the exhibition hall one after another, and each exhibition hall seemed to become a vivid printing workshop. With the on-site explanation of the staff, copper engravings with bright colors and ink fragrance came off the line fresh

in the 800 square meter special packaging exhibition area of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, a full range of printing and packaging machines are arranged in turn, presenting paper cutting, folding, matching, binding, die cutting and other processes on site

printing machines are more delicate than watches

it may be hard to believe that some large printing machines are precision instruments more delicate than watches and cameras. The staff of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry pointed to the roaring printing machine and told everyone that it has 13000 parts all over, and the technical requirements are higher than watches and cameras. New terms such as intelligent printing and environmental protection printing have given visitors a lot of insight

in front of the printing machine booth of Dapeng, Zhejiang Province, a paper cutter working attracted many eyes. According to the manufacturer, this paper cutter can cut up to 20 threads at most. And 100 wires is equal to 1 mm

woodblock New Year pictures record the history of printing

at the printing Expo, the special booth for woodblock New Year pictures and oracle bones in Yin Ruins of Anyang made many visitors linger. The New Year pictures in Zhuxian Town, Kaifeng, with rough lines and rich charm of the capital, are based on a wide range of Shaanxi Fengxiang wood block New Year pictures, Sichuan Mianzhu wood block New Year pictures with lines printed with outlines and colors all hand painted, and traditional wood block New Year pictures such as Yangjiabu in Shandong and Taohuawu in Jiangsu. Due to different folk customs, these woodblock New Year pictures have different styles in character modeling and picture layout. Tongye Fengdi, who recorded the family affairs of the emperors of the Zhou Dynasty, was endowed with auspicious and auspicious meanings of four seasons heralding spring and more than every year. The Eight Immortals crossing the sea, cowherd and weaver girl, which reflect myths and legends, are not only magnificent cultural treasures, but also vividly record the historical process of the development of China's printing industry

in front of the oracle bone inscriptions exhibition area of Yin Ruins in Anyang, there is a world's heaviest book. This huge book "Si Mu Wu Ding" is 210 cm long, 126 cm wide, 28 cm thick and 598 kg, reflecting the close relationship between culture and printing and the mass production of tepex's battery console that has been used in trucks

1068 guest chambers of Commerce gathered in Zhengzhou to give a wonderful speech

the Central Plains held a grand meeting, and prints competed with Fangfei. Today, the first China (Zhengzhou) printing and packaging products Expo will open in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. 1068 merchants including Heidelberg, Mitsubishi, Komori, Shanghai Electric and beiren group were invited to attend. Yesterday, I saw at the scene that the exhibition is drawing to a close and all preparations are basically ready

a printing machine is up to more than 7 million yuan

yesterday, the staff of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center said that a printing machine from Mitsubishi was worth more than 6 million yuan this time, and a printing demonstration will be held on site during the exhibition. A printing machine of Zhaodi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is as high as more than 7 million yuan, which is also the most expensive printing machine in this exhibition. This printing machine has been sold to Henan and will not be taken away after the exhibition. Beiren group showed eight machines on site

at the exhibition site of beiren group, Sheng ZHENWANG, who was in charge of sales, told beiren group that eight machines came to the meeting this time, and the most expensive one was 4.68 million yuan. Printing and binding will also be displayed on site. It is reported that beiren group is a famous printing machinery manufacturing enterprise group in China and the only listed printing machinery manufacturer in China

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