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The magnificent evolution of "product switching" of SINOTRUK trump

the magnificent evolution of "product switching" of SINOTRUK trump

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the so-called "product switching" is the transformation and upgrading of products and the overall improvement of quality and technology. It took the former Chengdu trump company nearly 20 years to transform from low-speed vehicle production to real automobile manufacturing, and its continuous pursuit was never stopped, but it could not get rid of the shadow of "agricultural vehicles" and finally came under the command of China National Heavy Duty Truck

after the reorganization, the trump card of heavy truck was put to death and reborn, and Phoenix Nirvana. In just three years, it has achieved the evolution from the fourth synchronous performance selection "ugly duckling" to "Golden Phoenix". It has not only formed the production scale of a full series of commercial vehicles with heavy, medium, light, micro and new energy, but also achieved great success in launching the landmark 7-series new products on the market after the reorganization. Marketing rose against the trend, product exports achieved a breakthrough of zero, and sales increased rapidly. It has become the only benchmark enterprise with qualification free of random inspection in the export of commercial vehicles in Sichuan Province. Its products have won the honor of famous brand products in Sichuan Province...

"product switching" has contributed greatly. Wei Zhihai, chairman of the trump brand of heavy truck, lifted his weight as light as heavy as light, and Jin Wensheng, general manager, lifted a new trump brand of heavy truck with wisdom, reform and pragmatic innovation

"011" Xiaohe shows sharp corners

which is bound to have a significant impact on the reconstruction and reconstruction of the global manufacturing industry. "Relying on the advanced technology and excellent corporate culture of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, combined with Chengdu's trump card mature medium truck products and traditional markets, we will realize complementary advantages, build a full range of commercial vehicle bases in Western China National Heavy Duty Truck Corporation, and accelerate the realization of China National Heavy Duty Truck internationalization strategy." At the early stage of the restructuring, Wei Zhihai, deputy secretary of the Party committee and trump chairman of China National Heavy Truck Corporation, said

great writing comes from great wisdom, which requires courage and courage. With the firm support of the group company, sinotruk trump began a major product switch after restructuring, and underwent major surgery to remould the original Chengdu trump card, which was single but had a wide range of products, such as Shenying, Shenfeng and Shenniu series. With an investment of 320 million yuan, the "011 project" was quickly launched, the production line was expanded, and new light card products were developed. According to the requirements of Caidong, President of the group company, they were uniformly included in the management of the group's product line platform, crowned with the trump 7 series of heavy truck. This is a disruptive product revolution in the history of heavy truck trump. The new robot production line has replaced the original workshop manual production, and the original rough and stupid image has been replaced by intellectualization and lightweight. There are many highlights in the product technology and process: the world's leading full design concept of aviation cab is introduced for the first time, and the aviation process standards are fully used to develop a complete set of molds. The cab alone has 16 national patented technologies. Chassis matching adopts the best matching of engine, gearbox and axle to reduce the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle by 10%. The beam is made of 10mm high single-layer material, combined with the main and auxiliary integrated chassis, which shows a lower center of gravity, light weight, fuel saving and prolonging the service life of the whole vehicle. The "3G" cargo box with independent intellectual property rights adopts integral roller blank holder, which shows more beautiful and lightweight characteristics with increased strength

"golden chassis", red special single-layer girder and other technologies have formed the core competitiveness of heavy truck trump and are favored by users: in 2012, heavy truck trump 7 series light truck won the honor of "the most concerned light truck" at the Shanghai International Auto Show; In that year, he won the bid for the 26th World Universiade and became the designated vehicle for work; In 2013, no matter how well one machine is used, the first product of heavy truck ace 7 series light truck can't keep up with the after-sales service, and the export has achieved a zero breakthrough. It has been exported in batches to more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. According to statistics, so far, the sales of light trucks, micro trucks and new energy vehicles of 7 series have exceeded 80000, and the export sales have reached 1500

The successful development of 7 series products has expanded the trump product line, further forming 757 Engineering Series, 737 flat panel series, 717 micro card series, 7 series new energy vehicles and LNG series. With the technical route of "poc+doc+egr" common rail system, it has a strong product lineup of more than 330 National Emission announcements

"012" shocked Juxian lion roar southwest

this is another important milestone in the development history of heavy truck trump. On December 30, 2013, the 012 new plant of China Heavy Duty Truck Chengdu Commercial vehicle base was officially completed and put into operation; At the same time, the new heavy truck products of SINOTRUK's flagship w5g were officially rolled off the production line and put into small batch mass production, which is the result of SINOTRUK's westward strategy and a satisfactory restructuring report card to the society and provincial and municipal governments. At the same time, it also marks that sinotruk trump has handed over a satisfactory answer to the group company: in the three years of restructuring, sinotruk trump has not only completed the major product switching, but also formed the production capacity and development trend of a full range of commercial vehicles of heavy, medium, light, micro and new energy vehicles. All aspects of work have been in the forefront of the group's secondary companies

the 012 new factory with an annual output of 100000 vehicles costs 1billion yuan and covers an area of nearly 2000 mu. Modern plants have sprung up, and new equipment and new robot intelligent production lines should be complete. The new w5g medium and heavy truck, which is newly launched, is permeated with the freshness of German Mann technology. W5g medium heavy truck is a new product developed by all technical staff day and night with the policy and technical support of SINOTRUK trump group. Equipped with D08 Mann engine and German mantg technology, it provides a strong guarantee for the reliability of the whole vehicle, and has four advantages: economy, reliability, safety and comfort. With the top German Mann quality of trouble free operation, it fully meets the strict requirements of domestic high-end logistics for continuous and efficient operation, and strives to bring a win-win effect of efficient and safe operation to domestic logistics users. In order to ensure the product quality, the company organized all types of vehicles to go to Anhui Dingyuan national automobile testing ground for 25000 kilometers of destructive tests under various complex road conditions, and the test indicators met the requirements of relevant national technical standards. The heavy trucks in sinotruk's flagship w5g include six series, including multi bridge, engineering, dump and road tractor. As soon as they came off the line, they won more than 100 orders, have delivered more than 30 vehicles to users, and have more than 50 sales channels. Marketing will complement the advantages of the group company, that is, comprehensively promote the marketing publicity of man technology, focus on the development of highway traction logistics vehicles, take the southwest market as the entry point, replace the middle and rely on the middle, gradually promote to the high-end heavy trucks with cost-effective characteristics, steadily form the annual production of 100000 vehicles marketing, and then achieve the trump card development strategic goal of heavy truck

in-depth switching shows brand strength

from acclimatization during reorganization to harmonious integration of management, from restorative development to market growth against the trend, from a single product to a full series of commercial vehicles of heavy, medium, light, micro and ultra-fine, from zero breakthrough in product export to rapid growth, heavy truck trumps have unique insight. With the way of "product switching", they not only realize new leaps, but also update the inherent traditional concepts of cadres and employees, So as to strengthen the enterprise's further transformation of mode, adjustment of structure, involvement in secondary entrepreneurship, rapid development of confidence, and conscientiously practice the core values of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group "building fine products with personality and dedication with fine products"

for a long time, the trump card of SINOTRUK has adhered to the weekly "No.1 meeting" (cost reduction and efficiency increase) and "No.2 meeting" (quality improvement) to govern the normal management. Especially in quality management, with the consciousness of "strictly checking and never letting go", the "lean production management method", "quality control door", "on-site red card action rectification", "6S inspection", "technical process design rectification project", "regular quality meeting", "outsourced parts quality management" and other systems have been formed, and the aust quality management scoring method of the group company has been introduced to ensure the substantial improvement of product quality, According to the statistics in the first half of this year, through quality process control, the one-time delivery qualification rate of finished vehicles and parts reached 84%, an increase of 12% over the same period. Without the increase of production capacity and personnel, the maximum daily production capacity increased by 14.9%, of which, the maximum daily production capacity reached 220 vehicles, and the cost reduction and efficiency increase work was very outstanding

quality improvement promotes benefit growth. At the same time of rapid development, sinotruk trump has increased its brand marketing efforts. The "trump car is strong" that occurred in the 4.20 earthquake in Lushan, Sichuan last year is still talked about by people. This is a successful and unrepeatable event marketing: on the day after the earthquake, a scarred and standing ace car spread rapidly on the road, and was known as "ace car strong". After hearing the news, the company immediately launched the "where are you?" At the same time, the rescue team was organized to rush to the disaster area for free maintenance of damaged vehicles and condolences to users. Employees were organized to donate 250000 yuan at the first time, and a Tianyi student aid fund was established to help 50 students in the disaster area realize their college dreams. After finding the strong owner of the car, Cheng Jinqiang, the company immediately gave a 7-series 757 project dump truck free of charge. The user was very moved and said, "the ace car is really strong and of good quality, otherwise I would have died. Thank the Communist Party, thank the trump car of heavy truck!" After extensive publicity by the central and provincial mainstream media, Trump's righteous act highlights the core values of "good people and good cars" and shows the strength of the brand. The sales volume of SINOTRUK trump Ya'an market soared that year, and only one local dealer of trump sold nearly 500 vehicles, an increase of 300% over the same period, while driving the sales volume of other dealers. In 2013, sinotruk trump achieved sales of nearly 40000 vehicles, an increase of more than 20% over the same period, and maintained a development trend of contrarian growth for three consecutive years

"product switching" has won the trump card of heavy truck in the market and ushered in the spring of rapid development, which has been highly concerned by the provincial and municipal governments and recognized by the society. On the eve of the 2014 annual business meeting, Ma Chunji, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, happily inscribed the trump card of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, "build a century old heavy duty truck and create a world trump card". Surrounded by the halo of glory and flowers, sinotruk trump clearly realized that this is a kind of and mission, and there is a long way to go

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