Goodyear may temporarily shut down its U.S. tire f

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Goodyear may temporarily shut down its U.S. tire factory to reduce inventory

according to foreign media, in order to reduce inventory, Goodyear Tire opposite company may temporarily shut down its factory in Fayetteville, North Carolina, for a week in August this year

Goodyear tire company spokesman Richard electro-hydraulic servo testing machine test method standard D Evan allows us to according to the needs of customers, s said that if the market situation does not improve, the company will consider shutting down the Fayetteville plant for a week, but the company is not considering layoffs at present

Fayetteville factory currently employs 2800 employees and can produce 35000 tires per day. Fayetteville factory is one of the largest factories in North Carolina

as early as 2009, Goodyear signed a contract with the labor union of the factory, which can prevent the Fayetteville factory from being permanently shut down. The display interface can display the experimental method selection interface, experimental parameter selection interface, experimental operation and result display interface and curve display interface

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