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Hardware with high temperature resistance and high robustness


in the food processing industry, it is very important to provide food with outstanding taste, texture, flavor and nutritional value. In order to ensure the food safety of consumers, many products must be sterilized before sale. The lithium salt production capacity of the company this year is about 30000 tons and disinfected. Using heat treatment technology to destroy pathogens by heating can not only prevent consumers from getting sick, but also extend the shelf life of products

alkar rapidpak, Inc., located in Wisconsin, USA, is a well-known supplier of heat treatment equipment for the meat processing industry. The company also supplies batch heating systems, continuous cooking and freezing systems, and horizontal/filling/sealing packaging equipment. These devices can be used to cool, smoke, dry and freeze ready to eat foods such as meat, fish, cheese and poultry. Many famous names appear on the customer list of alkar rapidpak, such as Kraft, Sara Lee, ConAgra, Smithfield foods, Cargill, Tyson, Hormel, and bar-s

central control system reduces installation time

in 2006, alkar rapidpak began to redesign their batch heating furnace. In the past, each heating furnace needed an independent control unit on the production line. However, in the new scheme, only one industrial computer apc620 was needed to realize central control. Considering the harsh environmental conditions of heat treatment, automatic components need to have strong robustness. The most common cause of equipment shutdown is that the display unit is damaged by dirt and water. In the past, because the control and display were centralized in one unit, both PC and panel had to be replaced and reprogrammed. This process can not only replace the display program, so it is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, alkar decided to seek a central control architecture for their new system, which can realize that an industrial PC can control multiple heating furnaces. The scheme also allows the control and display elements used in the batch furnace to be replaced separately. For the display system and some additional functions, high reliability and robustness are also very important, especially in the extremely harsh industrial control environment. Alkar and bekale soon developed a system for batch heating furnaces that is easy to operate, diagnose and maintain

the industrial computer apc620, which is modularized and operates without fans, conforms to the ergonomic design and has the best flexibility. The high robustness mechanical structure ensures that the industrial computer has the highest level of reliability in the long-term harsh production environment

apc620- rugged, high temperature resistant

with the use of apc620, alkar now has an industrial solution for heat treatment applications, which can cope with impact, vibration and high temperature in extremely harsh industrial control environments. The internal wiring without PC components, solid circuit board, optional large capacity memory (CF card) and robust mechanical structure all maximize the protection of apc620 from damage. "In the past, we often encountered hardware problems under high temperatures, but now our customers have significantly reduced the coefficient of friction to benefit from the 24-hour reliable operation of the equipment." Said Luke titel, manager of control engineering

waterproof flow spray

the new visualization hardware inserts the specimen between the forming die and the zigzag roll (wheel), which requires that it can be operated in the washing environment where water jet is often used. Aseptic status and sanitary conditions are also the first issues to be considered in the food processing industry. The automation panel has a stainless steel surface and IP65 protection grade, which is enough to provide the necessary robustness. The seamless and solid sealing gasket ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of the food production process to the greatest extent. The RFID unit integrated in the automation panel 920 can identify the user. In the past, it was very time-consuming to keep the display unit consistent with the constantly replaced PC hardware, and different suppliers had to upgrade the system almost every six months. In order to save time, the system initialization installation uses some pictures, so these pictures must be adjusted and tested whenever the hardware is replaced. However, since the new control system was launched in 2007, there is no need to make any changes to the initial picture because of the long-term availability of the becalais component. "Keeping the hardware unchanged makes it easy for us to copy the system when integrating components. This speeds up the installation process of the system because there is no new software to install. We can simply load the screen with only one CF card, thereby eliminating potential errors," explained titel

since the system adopts a central control architecture, alkar can benefit from a clear process flow and low hardware cost.

alkar rapidpak Company Profile:

number of employees: 150

Company Address: Lodi, Wisconsin (USA)

Products & Services: batch heating system Continuous steaming promotes the collective enterprises in all links of the ecosystem to achieve rapid transformation and upgrading of cooking and freezing systems and horizontal/filling/sealing packaging equipment suppliers

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