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High density pluggable i/o interface solution for high-speed applications

as a high-speed i/o connection in network, storage and telecommunications equipment applications, pluggable i/o interface has obvious advantages. It is characterized by standard equipment i/o interface, pluggable modules and flexible cable connection, and optical fiber or copper cable links can be selected. It supports multiple data transmission rates as well as Ethernet, fibre channel, Infiniband and other protocols. Therefore, integrators can use it to design cable structures according to different application requirements. At present, the rapid growth of bandwidth demand of data communication equipment has prompted the rapid upgrading of pluggable i/o interfaces, in order to achieve greater throughput by using smaller packages

at present, the small package hot plug (SFP) product line industry, including single port and single row stacked high-density multi port SFP shielding cage, has matured and is widely used in industry. Their motherboards contain high-speed signal connectors and electromagnetic interference shielding cages. With the increasing requirements of the market for function and data transmission rate, Tyco Electronics Company provides users with new SFP solutions, including: integrated optical conduit for port indication, improved connector to improve signal integrity, enhanced EMI shrapnel to reduce electromagnetic interference, and leapfrog heat sink technology for thermal management

since the data transmission rate reached 10GB per second, Tyco Electronics has been actively developing 10GB serial standard (XFP) and 10GB standard x2 MSA based on XAUI. XFP realizes the transmission rate of single channel 10Gbps, and also poses new challenges to signal integrity and EMI electromagnetic interference. This problem can finally be solved by using low loss connectors and conductive pads. The improvement of protocol speed promotes the development of sfp+ interface, and improves the support ability of SFP for 8x fibre channel and 10G Ethernet standard applications to 10Gbps. The control problem of EMI electromagnetic interference at high data transmission rate is also solved by enhanced EMI shrapnel and rubber gasket. Similar to SFP after moderate stretching, sfp+ also has single port and single row stacked high-density multi port shield for selection

in order to meet the market demand for higher density high-speed pluggable solutions, four channel SPF interface (qsfp) came into being. This 4-channel pluggable interface has a transmission rate of 40Gbps. Many mature key technologies in XFP have been applied to this design

qsfp can be used as a fiber solution, and its speed and density are better than 4-channel CX4 interface. Because it can support four channels at the speed of 10Gbps per channel under the same port volume of XFP, the elongation of some materials can be transmitted above 1000%, so the density of qsfp can reach four times that of XFP products and three times that of sfp+ products. Qsfp interface with 4 channels and higher density than CX4 has been adopted by Infiniband standard

Figure 1: components included in a qsfp application

Tyco Electronics developed direct cable components using the above pluggable interfaces. The direct connection cable abandons the traditional receiver and no longer connects the optical cable or copper cable components to the system through the receiver, but meets the different application needs of the terminal through programming. For short-distance applications, copper cable is an economical and practical solution, which can not only include equalization, but also be set as active or passive equalization. At present, Tyco Electronics can provide active paralight optical cable for qsfp interface without using receiver, optical fiber interface and other related equipment

Figure 1 shows a qsfp application. Generally, the components of pluggable i/o interface include:

* a motherboard connector

* a shielding cage or guide rail, which is used to control EMI interference and indicate the contact plug

* a contact plug. It can be a pluggable receiver or a direct cable assembly. Pluggable receivers need a matching cable assembly

* accessories include heat sink, light guide, dust cover, EMI shield, etc

a device can configure i/o ports in various ways to achieve the purpose of increasing density. As shown in Figure 2, the adjacent ports of the parallel cage share the same side wall, so the width of each port on the base plate is smaller and the arrangement is tighter than that of the single row cage. The stacked ports are arranged as closely as the parallel ports, and a row of ports are added in the vertical direction. The laminated cage integrates a connector, which is fixed on the PCB board by crimping except for the third design forum of "science and technology Podium" and "design x innovation" activities. Another common method is to set ports on both sides of the PCB, which is usually called "back-to-back". In these configurations, surface mount connectors are used to improve electrical performance. Please refer to the introduction of sfp+ for specific examples

Figure 2: comparison of four different i/o port configurations

in order to show the speed/density ratio that can be achieved today, we configure the parallel 1x3 qsfp cage in a "back-to-back" manner, which can implant 36 qsfp ports into the 1U chassis, thus realizing the data transmission performance of providing 144 channels in the 1U chassis with a rate of up to 10gb/s per channel

for high-speed and high-density interface products, which are more beautiful than spraying, Tyco Electronics has established an excellent R & D team in Shanghai, and the vast majority of our high-speed and high-density interface products are also produced in China. Therefore, we can not only provide customers with high-speed and high-density interface products that meet the standards or are common in the market, but also provide Chinese customers with a full set of customized products and services quickly and effectively in China according to their special requirements

Tyco Electronics has always been in the leading position in the research of pluggable i/o standards. We will unswervingly devote ourselves to the research of new pluggable interface standards to meet the increasing market demand for communication bandwidth. Moreover, as an industry leader, we will continue to provide data integrity and EMI interference protection design at high data transmission rates

for a comprehensive overview of Tyco Electronics' pluggable interface development, or to search the parameter table and spare parts, please visit. For technical support, please visit Tyco Electronics' technical support station

Tyco Electronics Company Profile

Tyco Electronics is the world's leading supplier of electronic components, network solutions, undersea communication systems and special products. In fiscal year 2008, its sales revenue in more than 150 countries around the world reached US $14.4 billion. Our products are designed, manufactured and sold in a wide range of industrial fields, including automotive, data transmission systems and consumer electronics, communications, aerospace, defense and shipping, medical, power and lighting. We have about 7000 professional engineers and production plants, sales and customer service networks all over the world. Tyco's commitment is the advantage of customers

as a global enterprise, Tyco Electronics entered China in 1989 and opened its first factory in Shanghai. At present, Tyco Electronics has established a total of 16 production bases in China, providing services to customers through sales offices in 15 cities across the country. In fiscal year 2008, the sales volume reached US $1.8 billion, accounting for 12% of the total global revenue. For more details, please browse or contact the product consulting center: (86) for technical support on products. (end)

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