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High end base of XCMG: build a new ecosystem of China's construction machinery

high end base of XCMG: build a new ecosystem of China's construction machinery

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"the smooth signal feedback of rail transit projects assisted by other components cannot be carried out without the positive role played by China Railway large shield machine of XCMG." In the past two days, the "Xiamen shield machine observation and exchange meeting" was held in Xiamen. Lin Dezhi, director of Xiamen Construction Bureau, spoke highly of the shield machine

seize the opportunity to participate in the development of underground space; Cultivating "internal skills", Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. leads the global construction machinery manufacturing. Now, XCMG wants to change the ecology of China's construction machinery and realize the "going out" of high-end equipment manufacturing industry along the the Belt and Road

first stop: yuanboyuan "big guy" shield machine construction subway

at more than 9 a.m., the "Xiamen Engineering shield machine observation and exchange meeting" kicked off at the construction site of Xiamen yuanboyuan subway line 1

it is quite different from the imagined construction site. The construction site of yuanboyuan Metro Line 1 is in order, and the shield machine meanders underground like a greedy snake. "Xiamen has complex geological conditions, and the tunnel mainly passes through silty clay, medium sand, coarse sand, gravel sand, eluvium, etc., which has high performance requirements for shield machines." The relevant person in charge of Xiamen railway engineering group said that the shield machine used in the construction integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology, and makes great efforts in the design of the cutter head. The maximum monthly excavation can reach 335 rings (402 meters)

at present, nearly 90% progress has been achieved in this bid section, which has become a typical construction case in the development of underground space in complex cities in China. It is reported that a total of 11 sets of Xiamen cet6450 earth pressure balance shield machines are used for the tunneling construction of Xiamen Rail Transit Line 1, and four new orders will be added this year, which are planned to be used for the construction of Xiamen Metro Line 2

second stop: the "Iron Man" of the Industrial Park danced to welcome the guests

with a magical sigh for the shield machine, the delegates came to the plant area of Xiamen Industrial Group. Once in the factory, loaders, excavators, forklifts, minicomputers, road machinery, concrete machinery, rotary drills, hoisting machinery and other types of "Iron Man" are already welcoming the guests, and the scene is quite American

it is reported that Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1951, is one of the leading enterprises in China's construction machinery industry, specializing in the production of 10 major categories of construction machinery products, such as loaders, excavators, forklifts, small machinery, road machinery, environmental protection machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery, hoisting machinery, tunnel boring machinery, etc. in Xiamen, Jiaozuo, Sanming, Tai'an and other manufacturing bases, The elastic curve of energy used shows that it accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, and has the capacity to produce 100000 sets of various construction machinery per year

at present, XCMG is cooperating with the Research Institute of AVIC group to continuously launch "artifact" of high-tech equipment manufacturing. While realizing the import substitution and industrial upgrading of key parts, we should change the ecology of China's construction machinery, and finally realize the "going out" of high-end equipment manufacturing industry along the the Belt and Road


Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. will build a high-end manufacturing base

for a city, the scientific and rational development and utilization of underground space is an important symbol to achieve "three-dimensional" development and measure the level of modernization

in the new era of vigorous development of urban underground space, Xiamen Construction Engineering Group has keenly seized the development opportunity. As an important force in the national equipment manufacturing industry, the development vision of XCMG is to become an international leading provider of green construction machinery system solutions

Bai Feiping, President of XCMG, said that the tunnel boring machinery jointly produced by XCMG and China Railway, together with XCMG loaders, excavators, forklifts, small machines, road machinery, concrete machinery, rotary drills, hoisting machinery and other products, constitute a large industrial platform, which can customize system solutions including engineering equipment, technical services, project management, investment and financing for urban infrastructure construction

xuzhenming, chairman of XCMG, said that based on the long-term development strategy of value creation based on green core competitiveness, XCMG has established the key measures of "implementing the digital strategy in", including the construction of enterprise control center ECC system, the construction of digital R & D system, the creation of digital manufacturing experts, and the promotion of digital management

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