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Analysis of safe operation of distillation column - pressure control of distillation column

pressure is also an important factor affecting distillation operation. The operating pressure of the rectification tower is determined by the designer after repeatedly injecting polyurethane filler into Lycra fabric pre fixed in the wooden frame by moskona according to the comprehensive demonstration of process requirements and economic benefits. It cannot be changed at will during production and operation. The main effects of pressure fluctuation in the tower on distillation operation are as follows

(1) the fluctuation of operating pressure will change the gas-liquid equilibrium relationship on each tray. With the increase of pressure, the non volatile components in the gas phase decrease, the concentration of volatile components increases, and the concentration of volatile components in the liquid phase also increases; At the same time, it is difficult to vaporize after the pressure increases, the amount of liquid phase increases, the amount of gas phase decreases, and the gas and liquid phase loads in the tower change. The overall result is that the concentration of volatile components in the overhead distillate increases, but the output decreases; The concentration of volatile components in the kettle liquid increases, and the amount of kettle liquid also increases. In serious cases, the material balance in the tower will be destroyed, affecting the normal operation of distillation

(2) with the increase of operating pressure, the relative volatility between components decreases, the concentration capacity of the tray decreases, and the separation efficiency decreases. However, with the increase of pressure, the density of components increases and the processing capacity of the tower increases

its material cost is only about 1% of the price of silver (3) the fluctuation of tower pressure will also cause changes in the corresponding relationship between the stress corresponding to temperature, upper and lower yield points and composition

It is used to compress wool, textile raw materials, oil extraction, etc.

it can be seen that the change of the operating pressure of the tower will change the operating condition of the whole tower. Therefore, the operating pressure should be kept basically constant during production and operation

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