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Sichuan glass industry: high value-added products are the main direction in the future

glass is one of the most common items in people's daily life, but few people can notice the huge industry and business opportunities hidden behind small glass. According to panqianyun, President of the Sichuan Chengdu glass industry chamber of Commerce, the current output value of Sichuan glass has reached nearly 100 billion, of which the Chengdu glass industry, although it started late, has developed very fast

recently, Ben visited relevant people of Sichuan Chengdu glass industry chamber of Commerce on the current situation, development trend and how to break through the bottleneck of market development in order to save energy. Zhao Lin, Secretary General of Sichuan Chengdu glass industry chamber of Commerce, pointed out to Ben that Sichuan glass industry should actively participate in post disaster reconstruction and the construction of Tianfu new area, and seize the opportunity to move to the international stage in time

development status: the overall market is stable and the future will meet great development opportunities

in the interview, panqianyun, President of Sichuan Chengdu glass industry chamber of Commerce, told Ben that glass is an inorganic material with a long history and broad development prospects. After more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China's glass industry has achieved leapfrog development. From the early stage of reform and opening up (1978), China's total output of flat glass was only 17.84 million weight boxes, So far, there are 3344 glass and glass products manufacturing enterprises in China, with a total industrial asset of 510.59 billion yuan (according to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics in 2011). China's glass industry has developed from almost a piece of white paper in the past to the largest flat glass production country in the world

pan qianyun pointed out that under the general situation of the rapid development of China's glass industry, Sichuan's glass industry operates according to the broach up and down, and the development of equipment is also unwilling to be behind. Among them, processed glass has developed rapidly, basically meeting the needs of the construction industry, automobile industry and other emerging industries; The flat glass and processed glass industry has become an indispensable material industry for the development of Sichuan's national economy and the improvement of people's living standards. The industrial structure, technical structure, scale structure and product structure of Sichuan glass industry have all undergone a qualitative leap; The production scale, product variety and quality have achieved rapid development, and the future development prospects are broad

Zhao Lin, Secretary General of Sichuan Chengdu glass industry chamber of Commerce, also told that from the perspective of the overall environment, the latest data released on July 15, 2013 showed that China's glass composite index was 1084.54 points, up 0.47 points month on month; China glass price index 1065.24 points, up 0.46 points month on month; China Glass confidence index was 1161.76 points, up 0.55 points month on month

Zhao Lin said that although Sichuan glass shipments are generally affected by disaster factors and heavy rains in Sichuan, the overall market operation is stable. It is believed that after the weather is sunny, the production and sales rate will return to normal, and the expected impact of post disaster reconstruction and Tianfu new area construction, the market mood of glass manufacturers should be slightly better than that in the early stage

Yang Zi, chairman of Yuntong company in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, China, also told Ben that at present, operators engaged in the glass industry in Chengdu have a higher pursuit of quality, and the quality of glass is among the best in the country. According to her understanding, among the world's top 500 enterprises, there are 238 top 500 enterprises in China whose wood plastic composites industry development has received strong support from national policies. This not only marks that Chengdu has stepped on the international stage, but also means a huge development opportunity for Sichuan's glass industry. Therefore, entrepreneurs like her from glass related industries all over the country come to Sichuan to seek investment and cooperation are in an endless stream. Yang Zi believes that these factors will greatly promote the development of Sichuan glass industry

development bottleneck: Transportation limitations and lack of talents restrict the internationalization of the industry

according to pan qianyun, at present, China's glass enterprises are mainly distributed in Liaoning, Hebei and 9 The software has the function of historical test data demonstration in Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other central and eastern regions. Due to the fragile characteristics of glass itself, it is often limited by transportation. Therefore, the sales mode of glass enterprises is divided into intensive marketing within 300 kilometers, selective distribution within 300 and 800 kilometers, and exclusive marketing beyond 800 kilometers, which also leads to the pattern that many glass enterprises are mainly dependent on the place of demand when building factories. Especially because Sichuan is a basin with inconvenient external transportation, the glass market is relatively closed. Coupled with the impact of post disaster reconstruction and the needs of large-scale development and construction in cities and counties, Sichuan has a relatively large demand for the glass industry. At present, glass enterprises have also formed a considerable scale in Sichuan Province

pan qianyun said that at present, there are still many problems in Sichuan glass industry. It is mainly manifested in that the quality guarantee time of glass varies, and the quality of glass itself varies; There are many quality problems in the raw glass used in the deep processing industry; The glass is heavy, fragile and difficult to store during handling, resulting in large storage space, difficult loading and unloading, and high transportation cost; Many glass processing enterprises need to use sufficient funds to prepare goods due to price fluctuations, supply, procurement and other problems, resulting in high capital occupation, etc. These problems have restricted the growth and healthy development of Sichuan glass and processing industry to varying degrees

Zhao Lin believes that how to promote the integration of high-tech and Sichuan glass industry, how to raise Chengdu glass industry standards to international standards as soon as possible, and how to attract more and stronger talents to participate in Sichuan glass industry are also the main factors restricting the development of Sichuan glass industry

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