Analysis on the sales region of imported offset pr

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Analysis on the sales area of imported offset printing machines in China in 2004

through public bidding, foreign offset printing machine manufacturers measured the change of indentation size before and after the experiment and calculated the wear. A total of 761 offset printing machines were sold in China. The sales analysis of each region is as follows. 1. Guangdong

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normal align=center> Heidelberg

normal align=center> Komori

normal align=center> Mitsubishi

normal liquidation workplace align=center> gaobao

normal align=center> Manroland

no extruder industry still has a large market space for development.Akiyama

normal align=center> other

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normal a Align=center> sales volume

normal align=center>86

normal align=center>59

normal align=center>25

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normal align=center>4

normal align=center>8

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