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The high voltage frequency conversion technology exchange meeting of Beijing Kangde environmental protection company was successfully held in Nantong

on September 27, the medium frequency energy conservation technology exchange meeting for the construction of high voltage transformers in the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway project, hosted by Jiangsu energy conservation monitoring center and co organized by Beijing Kangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully concluded in Nantong

nearly 40 experts from Jiangsu energy conservation monitoring center, Nantong energy conservation monitoring station, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, domestic power, water, petrochemical units and professional manufacturers attended the conference

during the meeting, the keynote speakers were from Jiangsu energy conservation monitoring center, Beijing Kangde Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Tsinghua University and other experts in this field. After the exchange meeting, the delegates also visited the tianshenggang power plant, which has successfully operated with Kangde frequency converter for 3 years without failure, and made a more in-depth technical discussion on the site

through this exchange meeting, participants said that they had a comprehensive understanding of Kangde high-voltage inverter, and through the exchange, many previous questions about high-voltage inverter technology were concluded. Moreover, the participants also spoke highly of the constructive opinions and suggestions put forward by experts from Kangde company, whose sample size is as small as 0.006mm in diameter, for enterprises, and solved many practical problems. Through exchanges, some enterprises have generated purchase intentions. They also hope to have the opportunity to participate in such technical exchange meetings again

the successful holding of this exchange marks the full launch of Beijing Kangde high voltage inverter market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang

Hao Ningning, director of Jiangsu provincial energy conservation monitoring center, announced the opening of the exchange meeting

Mr. He Hong, general manager of Kangde company, made a wonderful technical and professional speech of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which was resonated by the participants. Stop

general manager he (right) of Kangde company communicating with the participants at the "tiandian" site

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