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Analysis on the restrictive factors of the development of small packaged decoction pieces

small packaged decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine refer to a kind of decoction pieces that are processed and processed to be qualified, packaged with certain packaging materials according to the commonly used clinical dosage, and directly prepared by the formula pharmacist without weighing. On the one hand, this kind of decoction piece has changed the traditional Chinese medicine blending method, and has the characteristics of accurate measurement and high formula efficiency; On the other hand, it enables patients to know the prepared traditional Chinese medicine at a glance and protects the interests of consumers. For pharmacies, small packaged pieces are clean and hygienic, with less dust, guaranteed quality and high formula accuracy. The above advantages promote the promotion and application of small packaged decoction pieces in many hospitals, but with the increase of applications, its shortcomings inevitably appear. The author analyzed the restrictive factors of developing small packaged decoction pieces, and the report is as follows

l specification of decoction pieces

with the formula of decoction pieces in small packages, the best situation is: each kind of decoction pieces has complete specifications, and there is no need to unpack. This will not only improve the dispensing speed, but also facilitate the reconciliation between the dispensing personnel and consumers. However, in practice, it is easier to do this in small hospitals or specialized hospitals, while it is not easy in most traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and some comprehensive hospitals with strong strength in traditional Chinese medicine. Because the larger the hospital is, the more doctors will be, and the more varieties of decoction pieces will be used. Each doctor's medication habits are very different, which makes it difficult to unify the specifications of decoction pieces. Therefore, how to formulate and optimize the specifications and types of each decoction piece will be the cost of promoting the use of small packaged decoction pieces. Hospitals should also appropriately transfer profits and try to control the price increase within a more reasonable range, which should not exceed 10%; At the same time, when using, pharmacy staff should explain more to consumers to minimize the adverse impact of prices. First consideration

2 quality of decoction pieces

the author investigated several small packaged Decoction Pieces production enterprises and found that the production scale and production capacity of enterprises were uneven, which made them feel like a herd. Jc/t 646 (2) 006 glass magnesium air duct - bending test. The reason is that at present, the production of small packaged decoction pieces does not need too much investment. The production method generally adopts manual weighing and manual packaging, and the degree of mechanization is quite low. Under this condition, the product quality is difficult to guarantee. In practical work, the author found that the quality of many small packaged pieces of herbal medicine is not satisfactory. The main problems are that the packaging seal is not tight, several packages are stuck, the label is missing or even pasted incorrectly, the dosage error is too large, and even some pieces of herbal medicine processing quality is not up to standard, resulting in high water content. In addition, considering the production cost, few manufacturers can really carry out radiation sterilization to see how giant BASF solves it, so there is also the phenomenon of moldy decoction pieces during storage. How to really improve product quality is the implication of the first "9" of the small package, and is an important factor in the development of packaged decoction pieces for a long time. It is suggested that the state should formulate corresponding product standards to ensure that there are large-scale and powerful production enterprises to participate in the production, so as to ensure the quality of small packaged decoction pieces

3 price of decoction pieces

compared with traditional bulk decoction pieces, once the decoction pieces are packaged independently according to certain specifications, it is bound to increase the expenditure of labor and materials, which means that the production cost of manufacturers will increase. The increase in the price of small packaged decoction pieces seems inevitable, and this is precisely the most sensitive issue for the masses. It is also something that some patients are unwilling to accept, especially some patients with chronic diseases. The Chinese side is willing to help Mongolia Canary human resources construction take medicine for a long time. They believe that the hospital should provide qualified drugs to patients instead of letting patients spend more money. The author believes that the key to solving the problem of rising prices lies in the production enterprises and medical units of decoction pieces. Production enterprises should try to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Hospitals should also appropriately transfer profits and try to control the price increase within a more reasonable range, which should not exceed 10%; At the same time, when using, pharmacy staff should explain more to consumers to minimize the adverse impact of prices

in short, the cause of traditional Chinese medicine needs to be developed, and small packaged decoction pieces are a good attempt. The reform of dispensing methods is the expectation of the vast number of traditional Chinese medicine dispensing personnel. They hope that small packaged decoction pieces can be found in

information source: China pharmaceutical industry

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