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High end academic forum discusses the new development mode of tire industry

recently, the "high end Academic Forum on the development of China's rubber tire industry" was held in Jiaozuo, Henan Province. The theme of this meeting is "innovation driven, transformation and upgrading". The research and discussion contents include the structural adjustment of tire products, industrial transformation and upgrading, and new paths and new models for the application of advanced technology

the meeting was hosted by Henan Association for science and technology and Jiaozuo people's government, and undertaken by Jiaozuo Association for science and technology and Fengshen Tire Co., Ltd. At the opening ceremony, the participating leaders jointly unveiled the "intelligent design and Research Center for automotive pneumatic tires". This forum is one of the key high-end academic activities in 2016 determined by the China Association for science and technology

the high-end academic forum discusses the new development mode of the tire industry

Liu Xingping, director of the service center of the Chinese Association for science and technology, said that the forum promoted the direct connection between Fengshen tire and domestic academicians and experts through academic reports, expert consultation and cooperation, broadened the channel to solve technical needs, helped Fengshen tire's scientific and technological innovation, and promoted Jiaozuo's economic transformation and upgrading

Cao Kui, Secretary of the Party group of Henan Association for science and technology, said that well-known academicians and experts of the national rubber tire industry gathered in Jiaozuo to provide advice for the scientific development of the rubber tire industry. He said that the tire industry is the pillar industry of Jiaozuo, and the experimental machine is mainly used for hydraulic pulse pressure experiments on steel cylinders, pressure vessels, etc. he hoped that experts would have a deep pulse and accurate diagnosis on the development of Jiaozuo tire industry and Aeolus tire, help Aeolus build a global tire enterprise with international first-class competitiveness, and promote the industry of Jiaozuo tire to become bigger, stronger and accelerate its development according to this verification method

10 experts from the Chinese Academy of engineering, Tianjin University, China composite society, Tsinghua University and other units made a special report at the meeting. The experts also had a discussion with the technical backbone of Aeolus tire, and put forward opinions and suggestions on joint scientific and technological research, scientific and technological innovation, achievement transformation, and the construction of intelligent design and R & D Center for automotive pneumatic tires

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