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Analysis on the renovation technology of waste cartons

I. Market Research

in China, except for a very small number of bulky machinery and equipment including texture, machinery and electricity, according to the manufacturer, large machinery and equipment with heavy performance still need to be packed in wooden cases. Cartons almost completely replace wooden cases, crates, wire binding boxes, fiber wooden barrels, gunny bags, cloth bags and other packaging forms, occupying the packaging market, especially the current soaring prices of wood and plastics. The role of cartons is more extensive. 2、 Research on the renovation of waste cartons

the renovation of waste cartons is based on the fact that with the rapid development of social economy, carton packaging is widely used, and the new cartons are far from meeting the demand and the price is gradually increasing. At the beginning of the year, it was successfully developed and popularized in the society. From 1993 to 1996, on the basis of the previous ones, it was further improved, so that the original compressive, bursting and puncture strength was 5% higher than that of the new box, and increased to 25% higher than the national standard. It also improved the supporting technology, and successfully developed and renovated the special cold high-strength and quick drying adhesive, renovated the special glue machine (national patent ZL:), and the special research chemical agent for cartons

III. technical situation

this technology is to process the recycled old cartons directly into new cartons through technical transformation without chemical pulp and paper making. (the recycled old cartons, regardless of size, can be transformed into new cartons of the same model according to the user's requirements) which have been tested by Henan packaging carton product quality supervision and inspection center. The compressive strength, bursting strength and puncture strength of the reformed cartons are more than 25% higher than the national standard. The cost is about 2/3 of the cost of similar new cartons, and the profit is 3-6 times that of the production of new cartons. This technology project won the national "excellent award" for new products and technologies and the national "excellent award" for practical technology in 92, and was accepted as an invention patent by the national patent office. Published on July 23, 1997, Announcement No. a, application No 8。

the success of this project has not only alleviated the contradiction between supply and demand in the carton market, but also solved the problem of environmental pollution caused by discarded cartons, accelerated the transformation and utilization of cartons, generated huge economic benefits for production processors, and also saved a lot of human, material and other wealth for the society. Process flow:

IV. source and auxiliary materials

waste cartons, chemical raw materials (the chemical foaming ratio is 10-30 times, which is easy to buy in stores around the country), carton face paper (designated manufacturers)

v. scale of plant construction

generally, small and medium-sized factories need a site of 200 square meters, and the number of personnel depends on the size of the production scale. There are 20-30 people in small and medium-sized factories, with an average of about 60 finished products processed per person per day, and the annual output can reach 500000

VI. equipment and investment

the production equipment investment of the project is about 45000 yuan, which requires a working capital of 20000 yuan and a plant site of 200 square meters (its investment is calculated separately)

the original carton factory renovates and processes cartons without large equipment investment. It only needs to buy a corrugated glue machine and add some auxiliary tools to produce them

VII. Economic benefit analysis

old cartons have been renovated and processed, which saves a lot of raw materials. Taking five layer cartons of 1 square meter as the standard, the cost of renovating cartons is about 1 yuan lower than that of producing new cartons, which is about 2/3 of the cost of new cartons. The profit of producing new cartons is very thin, each profit is about 062 yuan, and the profit of refurbished cartons is about five times that of producing new cartons. According to the production scale per person, the annual output is about 500000, and the annual profit is about 500000 yuan. Now take the five layer cans (20 bottles) as an example, the cost comparison and analysis are as follows:

through the analysis, the waste carton renovation project is the latest rich project with less investment, quick effect and high profit, which is very suitable for township enterprises and self-employed households to start production. From the current market situation and development prospects, it has high development and application value

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