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The complex flow system composed of pulp fiber, filler and chemical additives is the main body of the papermaking process, which directly affects the product quality and production process. The system contains potentially harmful substances to production, such as dissolved and colloidal organic substances or anionic pollutants. In the production process, some unbalanced reactions may occur from time to time due to the change of pH value of the system, local turbulence or other process changes. Therefore, resin obstacles, paper sheet breakage or Pulp Filtration obstacles will occur in the wet end of the paper machine, and even quality problems such as spots and holes will appear in the products. Fx-706 slurry stabilizer developed by new East Asia Chemical (NEAC) Co., Ltd. can promote the best solution to eliminate the above adverse factors. This product is a multi branched, high-density cationic polymer with low molecular weight and spatial three-dimensional structure. It has strong cationic property, and can effectively interact with various anionic pollutants in the pulp without changing the pH value of the pulp. It is very easy to combine with fibers and participate in the formation of paper pages. Through its practical application in manufacturers such as double offset paper, paper, coated white board, corrugated high efficiency board, carton board and fruit bag paper, Fx-706 slurry stabilizer has the following advantages:

1. Prevent the accumulation of pollutants, inhibit resin obstacles, and reduce the amount of pollutants in the wet end of the paper machine

how to test the toughness of impact samples? 2. Improve the performance of the paper machine by improving the dehydration of the wet end and increasing the speed, or reducing the paper breakage

3. Allow to increase the proportion of low-quality fiber raw materials in products to reduce production costs

4. Improve the dyeing and fixation properties of paper with dyes by activating size

5 standard double prescription system is adopted for discovery (900 ℃ for 2h, it can improve the adaptability of the size in the subsequent operation and improve the effect of the subsequent functional additives;

6, improve the retention rate of the size and its materials in recent years, reduce the concentration of white water or improve the closed cycle of white water;

7, improve the paper strength, improve the sizing performance, and reduce the dosage of rosin gum and alum by more than half; fx-706 size stabilizer is easy to use, which can be used before and after pulping Or in white water, the dosage is 0.05% - 0.2%. Its application will improve the wet end performance of the paper machine, stabilize the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce costs

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