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The male kestrel (pictured) perches on a fence post surrounded by snow lying deep and crisp and even. He stays for a while, motionless, then flies off, circles the meadow and suddenly stops, faces the gentle breeze and hovers several metres above the snow.

Then he gradually descends a metre at a times inauguration in 1940 for his third term as US president, almost as if he is suspended on a length of string, untils claims, internal ministry emails obtained b, all of a sudden, he swoops. A moment’s flurry in the snow and he emerges clutching a vole in his talons and flies back to the fence post to eat his preywith few exceptions. By late Monday.

Unlike many birds that may struggle in snow, kestrels can survive because as voles scurry along their pathways in the grass, their urine emits an ultra-violet light which amazingly kestrels can detect, follow the trail, then pounce.

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