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Machinery commander construction enterprise 2019 small goal: "save it by 100 million first"

on May 15, 2019, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2019 opened at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of intelligent and new generation construction machinery, the exhibition attracted 1150 construction machinery related enterprises from around the world. At the same time, an International Construction Enterprise Summit Forum with the theme of new technology driving supply chain innovation and new thinking helping construction enterprises improve efficiency also kicked off at the exhibition. As an invited guest, Wang Chaoqun, deputy general manager of Nanjing Zhihe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the theme of "building a macro-control and market regulation mechanism, how to break the situation and gain", and shared with many construction enterprises the secret of how to use IOT + artificial intelligence technology to help construction enterprises realize cost reduction and efficiency increase in real life

machinery leasing has become an inevitable trend, but management has become a difficult problem

according to the data statistics of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the current stock of China's construction machinery industry is about 8million units, and due to the very high purchase price of equipment, construction enterprises, except for large-scale special equipment, have begun to develop the trend of buying and subletting other equipment. President Wang shared with us a set of data at the meeting. In 2017, the penetration rate of the construction machinery leasing industry has increased to 49.4%, and in 2018, it has exceeded 50%, and the average annual compound growth rate is as high as 17.6%. In the future, machinery and equipment leasing is the general trend

however, with the prevalence of machinery leasing, problems have come one after another. How to finely manage the leasing machinery and strictly control the cost output has become a headache for construction enterprises, but it is an urgent problem to be solved

AI + IOT intelligent control shift + fuel consumption

the core issues of refined management of rental machinery are shift management and fuel consumption management, which account for more than 80% of the total cost in the use cost of machinery. President Wang shared with us at the meeting that the first step of refined management is to carry out intelligent control of these two items. To this end, the mechanical commander invested all his scientific research efforts to develop a set of AI + IOT solutions

in President Wang's introduction, we learned that the management of the machine squad is mainly realized through the intelligent host of the mechanical commander. By carrying black technology sensors, we can automatically collect more than 100 parameters, such as longitude and latitude, angular velocity, acceleration, direction, vibration, etc., and select effective data to upload to the cloud through edge computing technology, and then automatically calculate and process the data through artificial intelligence algorithm. We can judge whether there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column tensile testing machine according to the following methods. After this series of work, the mechanical commander can realize the accurate analysis of the working hours and idle speed of construction machinery. At present, the data acquisition of working hours by mechanical commanders can be accurate to minutes. Users can see the working state of each machine in real time, whether on the terminal or on the computer, which exposes the phenomenon of idleness, idleness and other slowdowns. All data will be automatically and permanently retained, and can be exported at any time

the management of fuel consumption is mainly realized through the intelligent fuel tank cap of the mechanical commander. At present, construction enterprises will face two problems in the management of fuel consumption: one is the serious phenomenon of oil theft. As the construction site is an open operation, the management personnel can't keep an eye on it for 24 hours, so the fuel consumption can be easily achieved, and there are great hidden dangers in the property safety of the construction site. There are as many as six intelligent fuel tank covers as anti-theft means only. Its biggest feature is the intelligent alarm system. The built-in sensor can accurately sense the opening and closing of the fuel tank cover, and the system will push the notice in real time to remind the on-site personnel to check in time. At the same time, the intelligent fuel tank cover can accurately collect the oil level change data, and will immediately send an alarm notice when the oil volume drops abnormally, so that the on-site personnel can rush to the scene in time. Second, there is the problem of false fuel volume. The smart fuel tank cap will automatically collect the daily refueling volume and report it to the background, and automatically generate a fuel consumption analysis report in combination with the working hours. Managers only need to turn on the computer or can easily know how much fuel is added and used every day. Even if you don't leave home, you can know the whereabouts of every drop of oil like the palm of your hand

in addition, the mechanical commander also had a black technology that shocked the construction enterprises present. The mechanical commander can be sure that the type and content of metal do not need to be punched, removed and installed. The intelligent host only needs to tear off the paper film on the backplane and stick it on the top of the machine to adapt to the machine type and start data collection. The smart fuel tank cap only needs to remove the original fuel tank cap and replace it. This set of smart host + smart fuel tank cover shall not be installed for more than three minutes. President Wang introduced it like this. Compared with other perforated and wired products, this is a qualitative leap in both safety and installation simplicity

continuously improve construction efficiency and achieve breaking gains

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