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Dynamics of the machinery and equipment industry: focus on the high boom machinery sub industry




stock names related gains and losses of 9.96% 9.94% 9.91% 7.42% capital



name related net inflow (10000) 6960.275452.865307 After the beginning of March, the construction site began to enter the centralized construction period, focusing on whether the real estate sales exceeded expectations, and judging that the mechanical equipment such as concrete machinery and other construction cycles will remain high-profile. According to grassroots research, the construction site began to enter the construction period after the end of February, and the demand start was significantly better than in previous years, but the recovery is still far from the peak season. It is expected that the centralized construction will be started from the beginning of March to the middle of March, and the consumption state will gradually approach the peak season. We will actively implement fiscal policies and judge that the growth rate of infrastructure investment in 2019 will definitely improve, and the growth rate is expected to rebound to 8% - 10%; Real estate sales will be the main observation variable in 2019. We expect that the friction force of excavator countries will be significantly reduced in 2019, and the growth rate of domestic sales will be 0%-5%. However, since the beginning of 2018, the gap between the growth rate of new construction area and the growth rate of construction area or completed area has continued to expand. Benefiting from the low inventory of real estate, we judge that the growth rate of construction area and completed area in 2019 will improve year-on-year, Benefit concrete machinery and other mechanical equipment in the post construction period

at the same time, we are optimistic about lithium battery equipment, photovoltaic equipment and drilling and completion equipment with high vision in 2019

core recommended combinations: Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong, Hengli hydraulic, Eddie precision, pilot intelligence, precision measurement electronics, Jerry Co., Ltd., Hongya CNC, Jack Co., Ltd

important this week

domestic heavy truck sales in February were 75000, the second highest in seven years. In February 2019, the domestic heavy truck market sold about 75000 vehicles of various types, down 24% from January this year and up 0.23% year-on-year, the second highest point in the past seven years after 86400 vehicles in February 2017

2019 China automotive power lithium battery industry analysis report catalogue. In 2018, China's lithium battery shipments reached 102gwh. GGII predicts that China's lithium battery shipments will maintain a compound annual growth of 30.6% in the next five years, and will exceed 380gwh by 2023. Among them, the market share of power lithium batteries in lithium battery applications will be further increased by no more than (pieces)

q4 global market report released, Samsung continued to take the lead in raising the reaction temperature, and Huawei became the fastest growing company. According to the report, Samsung's knowledge of friction and wear testing machines accounted for 18% of the global smart market share, ranking first, apple 17% ranked second, and Huawei 15% ranked third

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