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Kunming, Yunnan Province by restructuring Yunnan Academy of machinery group

Kunming, September 6 (Miao Chao) - Yunnan Machinery Research and Design Institute's "upgrading and development to win the future" conference was held in Kunming on September 6. This conference is also a welcome meeting for Yunnan Machinery Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Yunnan Machinery Institute") to enter the General Machinery Science Research Institute Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "General Machinery Institute Group"). Since then, Yunnan Institute of machinery has become a central research institute in Yunnan, and the General Machinery Institute Group has entered Yunnan through the reorganization of Yunnan Institute of machinery

This series of experimental machines are mainly used for all kinds of steel strand

General Machinery Institute Group, founded in 1956, is a large central science and technology enterprise group directly supervised by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and it is its own responsibility to improve China's equipment manufacturing level. The group has 18 wholly-owned (holding) subsidiaries, and has built a measurement system of the national manufacturing innovation center:, 4 national key laboratories, 4 national engineering research centers, and more than 30 industries and provincial and ministerial innovation platforms. With more than 6000 employees, it is the most complete and largest development and research team in the manufacturing technology research system of China's equipment manufacturing industry

the picture shows that Yunnan Machinery Research and Design Institute officially entered the General Machinery Science Research Institute Group Co., Ltd. Miao Chaohe

Yunnan Academy of machinery, founded in 1977, is the only comprehensive scientific research and Design Institute in the equipment manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province. It has a provincial innovation team in Yunnan Province to prevent oxides and other sundries produced in the process of tensile experiments from falling into the lower jaw friction pair, and a number of compound research and application talents of "light, machine, electricity, computer" technology. It has a national machine tool product quality inspection center for the mechanical industry National technology transfer demonstration institution, Yunnan Key Laboratory of Mechatronics application technology, industrial robot application engineering technology research center and other institutions and platforms

in recent years, the upgrading and development of equipment manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province urgently needs the support of "national team". Through the reorganization of Yunnan Institute of machinery, China National Academy of machinery group will give full play to the advantages of national research institutions in scientific research, scientific and technological innovation, talents and industrial resources, guide the accumulation of national industrial scientific and technological resources in Yunnan, serve Yunnan, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan's industry, and promote the overall improvement of Yunnan's scientific and technological innovation and service capacity

Wang Xifeng, general manager and director of China National Academy of machinery group, said that China National Academy of machinery group will take the initiative to undertake the central enterprises that promote the sustained growth of local regional economy in Yunnan, connect with the internationalization needs of South Asia and Southeast Asia, actively serve the construction of the "the Belt and Road", and "go out" with Chinese standards to drive Chinese equipment, technology and services "go out, but the values in the list are not the same", forming a new driving force for economic growth. (end)

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