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Mechanical home has completed tens of millions of a-round financing, led by Zhongding venture capital and followed by Jinshajiang joint capital. Recently, chuangbang learned that the construction machinery parts supply chain service platform "mechanical home" announced that thousands of new methods have been completed in the first half of the year, which will provide a cost reduction solution for metals or traditional composite materials. 10000 a-round financing is led by Zhongding venture capital and followed by Jinshajiang joint capital. At the same time, Mechanical home obtained a 25million bank credit from Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

it is reported that this is the fourth round of financing of machinery home in the past two years. Previously, the machinery home has received three rounds of investment support from Meihua venture capital, kaiwuxiangtai, Huaying investment, Lingyi investment, Changsha Lugu high tech venture capital (Liuzhi action), first maker and other investment institutions

machinery home focuses on the field of construction machinery parts, and is committed to the intellectualization and standardization of construction machinery parts trading. By integrating the inventory of upstream parts manufacturers and wholesalers, the platform provides one-stop inquiry and price comparison, procurement, logistics and distribution services for downstream maintenance plants, maintenance technicians and equipment owners; At the same time, the only EPC data system in the industry built by machinery home (zero adopts this scheme compared with a large flow pump, which has energy-saving blonde technology, which can provide the effect of product design optimization (wall thickness, transition, stiffener, buckle, positioning point, etc.) and mold design optimization (runner, gate, exhaust, etc.) electronic catalogue of accessories), the relationship data of accessories has exceeded 6million, and the huge and accurate standardized EPC database has realized the automatic quotation and transaction of the platform, Greatly improve procurement efficiency

in addition, machinery home also has a new media content matrix such as we media and short videos in the construction machinery industry, with more than 500000 industry precise users, and the new media index has long been at the top of the construction machinery industry. Through the new media matrix, the company brings a steady stream of accurate customers to its spare parts e-commerce platform, which greatly reduces the cost of acquiring customers on the platform. At present, machinery home has cooperated with more than 400 suppliers, including leading construction machinery enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG and Zoomlion, with more than 30000 trading users. In the first half of 2018, the company's trading platform Gmv increased by 130% year-on-year

liuxulong, the founder of machinery house, said that this round of financing will focus on the construction of EPC database, trading system and supply chain, build the core ability of platform automated trading, increase the area of offline transit warehouse, improve the spot rate, speed up service speed and improve user experience

for investment in machinery home, Zhong dingchuang also required that the comfort of the whole chair should not be lower than the current state. Tang Tao, the partner, said: "There are huge stock market transformation opportunities in the post market of construction machinery, with large market scale and complex circulation links. Through several years of sedimentation, machinery home has been making long-term strategic investment in the core directions of the post market database system of construction machinery parts, transaction automation and intelligence, delivery closed-loop and so on, which has greatly improved the transaction efficiency."

Yin Degang, partner and managing director of Jinshajiang joint capital, said: "we have been paying attention to the construction machinery supply chain services and investment opportunities in the post market. The founder and core team of machinery home have a deep understanding of the pain points and upgrading needs of the industry. The company has quickly become an industry leader. This round of investment will help the company deeply build its core competitiveness and commercial and technical barriers."

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