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Machine vision technology enables intelligent containers, and ganlai technology is implemented on a large scale V

since ganlai technology released two retail robots X-man and v-future in September, ganlai technology has formally implemented v-future in the near future. It is reported that this machine is an intelligent container developed by ganlai technology based on machine vision technology, which can effectively solve the problems of high cost, difficult landing and difficult scale of intelligent containers

2018, due to cargo damage, the unpopular shelves suffered a big defeat, but because they are closer to users, there are not many problems in the scene. Therefore, in a relatively mature scenario, how to use technological innovation to solve the problem of cargo damage and reduce operating costs has become the key

in the market, there were actually different solutions in the past, such as trying to use RFID electronic tag solutions. However, RFID electronic tag technology not only increases the high cost, but also has poor recognition ability for metal, liquid and other items, and it is easy to be torn up, resulting in cargo loss. As a result, this technology actually does not meet the needs of the scene of intelligent containers. Another example is the gravity induction technology. The problem lies in adaptability. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, the machine vision technology of goods recognition has become the most cutting-edge experience and solution

it is reported that as one of the few new retail enterprises that master machine vision technology in the market, ganlai technology applies machine vision technology based on dynamic recognition. In addition to supporting the identification of goods without dead ends, it can also track the behavior track of users through their shopping behavior, so as to realize the scanning code to open the door, close the door and check out

understanding the world with machines is a breakthrough in the development of AI capable extruder industry, which still has a large market space, and also provides new possibilities for the reform of the retail industry. In addition to accurately tracking and analyzing users' shopping behavior and adding the selected goods to the shopping cart in real time, the solution based on machine vision can also enable replenishment personnel to do tensile test, stress test and bending test to realize rapid replenishment and quick inventory, which greatly improves the replenishment efficiency. It can even predict users' behavior and preferences by detecting goods and users and capturing the relationship between them, Better serve the utilization and development of non-metallic materials in automobiles (Liu Qiang, chief engineer of Zhejiang Jixiang Automobile Research Institute Co., Ltd.) serve users

it is reported that ganlai technology has greatly reduced the cost of the machine through its self-developed anti fog camera. At the same time, the machine has also passed the authorization of Alipay's credit system. Problems such as abnormal equipment pulse, lightweight market and commodity inventory can be monitored and viewed in the cloud. Only by ensuring the stability of services can we better talk about the future. With the new retail entering the second half, enterprises with technical strength will gain greater advantages

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