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Mechanical equipment should be "four must have, four no repair, four out of service"

2. Where there is a shaft, there must be a sleeve: where there is a rotating roller, there must be a protective sleeve to prevent employees' hair, collar, cuffs, etc. from being involved and causing injury. Such as the roller of the assembly line in the workshop, the transmission shaft of the lathe, etc

3. Where there is a platform, there must be a fence: there must be guardrails along the edge of the platform, equipment and auxiliary tools near the edge. If the height of the equipment platform is more than 1.2 (including) meters, protective barriers shall be set. The guardrail with a height of less than 2 meters shall not be less than 0.9 meters, and the guardrail with a height of 2 meters or more shall not be less than 1.05 meters

such as large injection molding machine feeding platform, etc

4. Where there is a hole, there must be a cover: where there is a hole on the equipment, there must be a cover

such as holes on the side of the beer machine

no repair for two and four

no repair for electrified equipment, no repair for pressure

no repair for high temperature and supercooling, no repair for no special tools

1. No repair for electrified equipment: in the maintenance of electrified equipment, or when it is necessary to enter the equipment for maintenance and cleaning, the power supply must be cut off first, and the "under maintenance No switching on "Warning signs to prevent moving parts from starting or causing electric shock accidents.

2. Do not repair under pressure: during equipment maintenance, in addition to power failure, when there is pressure to drive or remove the pressure vessel, you must first relieve the pressure before operation.

3. Do not repair under high temperature and supercooling: when there is a high temperature or supercooling area on the equipment, you must restore normal temperature before maintenance to prevent scalding or frostbite.

4. Do not repair without special tools: during maintenance and disassembly The original special tools must be used to prevent damage to the equipment or damage caused by the force of the tools flying out

if the nozzle of the injection molding machine is removed, the self-contained tool must be used to strictly meet the creep endurance (or stress relaxation) test requirements. It is forbidden to install a sleeve on the tool or remove it with the help of a crane

three and four deactivations

no interlock protection deactivation, no grounding leakage protection deactivation

no pre job training deactivation, no safety operation procedures deactivation

1, no interlock protection deactivation: on the equipment with high risk, the equipment without two or more safety protection devices must be deactivated! These devices ensure that our body parts will not contact the dangerous parts of the equipment, so the installation must be standardized, and it is strictly prohibited to dismantle and shield without permission

such as the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic limit interlock switch of the safety door of the injection molding machine, and the side protection of the punch is widely used to protect the opening interlock, photoelectric protection switch, two hand synchronization button and other protective devices

2. Shutdown of non grounding leakage protection: the shell is not grounded or not installed. This is an important reason why the two companies choose to merge. It is required that the electrical equipment of leakage protection switch should be stopped

if the coating drying box shell of the electrical equipment used in production should be grounded, and the leakage protection switch should be installed

3. Shutdown without pre job training: equipment employees, technicians and managers with high operational risks who have not received safety training or passed the examination before taking up their posts should stop using

employees, technicians and managers who operate punching machines, injection molding machines, die-casting machines and other equipment must receive pre job training and pass the examination

4. Shutdown without safety operation procedures: the equipment has no safety operation procedures for what should be done, what must be done, and what is forbidden to be done before going on duty. "Nissan" has used transparent plastic headlights on its new "skyline" car, and stopped using it

if you wear corresponding personal protective equipment before operation, check the effectiveness of safety devices, shut down the machine when there is a fault during the operation, and ask professional personnel to repair it. The safety operation procedures are not the operation process, and the expression should be easy to understand

please also join us to protect our lives and health! If you find that you have violated the "Twelve rules" of the iron law of mechanical injury, please refuse to work! And report to the enterprise or safety supervision department in time

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