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The machinery industry advocates professional production and socialized cooperation

the organizational structure adjustment of the machinery industry is bound to eliminate the air in time. How to adjust, some people figuratively liken, from the current "olive type" to gradually turn to "dumbbell type". Some people also put forward the idea that enterprises should focus on product development, master the manufacturing technology of key parts, focus on the total cost of products and focus on technical services

these ideas are to strengthen and improve the product development ability of enterprises. The processing of parts and components should make full use of social forces, implement professional production and socialized cooperation, and implement preferential matching. Strengthen and improve the ability of technical services, understand their own products, understand market information, and then feed back to the enterprise for product development. Through this cycle, enterprises will enter a benign development

in fact, this method is still used in developed capitalist countries. Boeing 747 is a behemoth. Do you make all the parts by yourself? no Boeing 747 aircraft has 4.5 million 2. The electronic universal testing machine selects crescent shaped samples: crescent shaped samples are pre cut parts, which are assembled by Boeing company from more than 1000 large enterprises and 15000 small and medium-sized enterprises from 10 countries. The same is true of British cars. It is said that its engine is from Sweden, its control system is from Germany, its chassis and springs are from the United States, its body is from Italy, and finally it is assembled by Britain. Japan's Toyota auto parts self-made rate is only 30%. All these illustrate the problems of implementing specialized production and socialized cooperation. There are many such cases in the world's famous textile machinery manufacturers

there has been a good foundation for the specialized production and cooperation of China's textile machinery industry to implement the preferential matching. Due to the change of the situation, there have also been some unnecessary repeated production, looking for new traders and end products, resulting in the decline of benefits. The author made some analysis on the economic benefits of three production types of enterprises in 2004, such as a special parts factory with more than 100 people, product sales revenue of nearly 100 million yuan, 500000 yuan per capita, and 106000 yuan per capita profit and tax; A professional factory producing parts has more than 400 people, with a product sales income of 360million yuan, 732000 yuan per capita, and 141000 yuan per capita profit and tax; However, a so-called "large and comprehensive" mainframe manufacturing plant has thousands of employees and a product sales income of more than one billion yuan, but the per capita income is only 205000 yuan, and the per capita income from profits and taxes is only 13200 yuan. It can be seen that the per capita sales income of component manufacturers is 3.5 times that of host manufacturers, and the per capita tax profit is 10.6 times that of host manufacturers. Although there are many factors, there are great differences in benefits

the enterprises that produce parts are specialized production for social support. From a technical point of view, the technical level, quality level and management level of products are relatively easy to improve; From an economic point of view, the benefits of enterprises are also relatively good. Comparatively speaking, the process of the enterprise producing the host machine is complex, difficult and inefficient. In the process of implementing structural adjustment, can we have some in-depth discussion on the specialized production and socialization of the pendulum impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory, which is a common impact testing machine with wide use

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