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Machine vision will be further integrated with color vision system

Guide: machine vision has a popular explanation, that is, to use machines to replace human eyes for measurement and judgment With the development of embedded processor technology, the processing ability of visual processing hardware is increasing, and the status of software is also improving

there is a popular explanation for machine vision, which is to use machines to replace human eyes for measurement and judgment. With the development of embedded processor technology, the processing ability of visual processing hardware is increasing, which also brings the improvement of software status. Under the condition of certain image quality, the quality of processing software and image algorithm can directly determine whether the structure is correct or not. Therefore, the position of visual software in the whole system is crucial. The establishment of the polystyrene extruded foam board (XPS) Special Committee of China Plastics Association represents that the XPS industry constitutes an important organization of unified specifications

a group of young and middle-aged technical backbones are selected every year for training, exchange, observation and learning. At present, color vision system, 3D monitoring effect, embedded technology, hardware and software matching, solutions, etc. have become the latest technological trends in machine vision. Although machine vision has experienced some revolutionary changes in the past few years, the field of color image processing is still developing at a relatively slow speed. One of the main reasons is that using color to solve a machine vision problem always requires more cost and processing capacity than equivalent gray-scale image solutions. However, this situation has changed in recent years

with the application of vision in semiconductor, medicine, textile and other industries, the ordinary gray-scale vision system has been unable to meet the needs of users. In some applications, color machine vision functions must be used, such as color pattern matching, chromatographic analysis, printing color detection, packaging box recognition and so on

for the needs of color vision applications, Ni provides a solution of software and hardware unclamping on the peel tester. In terms of hardware, Ni supports thousands of cameras from different manufacturers, and can collect color images uploaded from various analog cameras, 1394 cameras or camera link cameras

Cognex has also recently launched three color vision systems in the in sight micro product series. Among them, the new in sight 1403c is a 2million pixel (16001200 resolution) system, which can carry out high-resolution inspection for a variety of color applications

color vision system products have always been the research and development direction of Linghua technology, but in Linghua's view, color applications are only used in occasions suitable for color applications. Compared with gray-scale vision systems in recent years, there is no difference between who is better and who is worse, just to see who is more suitable. Therefore, due to the relatively complex imaging system, large amount of data (information) and high requirements for image processing algorithm, the development of color vision system has been limited in the past few years, and the successful application of vision system without gray-scale analysis is more. In recent years, it will get a rapid development after overcoming the technical bottleneck

the color industrial camera, image acquisition card, industrial lens and visual light source required to build a color vision system can be found in the China Machine Vision mall, which can simplify the purchase and selection time, quickly build the system hardware, and devote more time to the software development of the color vision system

with the further development of China's manufacturing industry, the demand for machine vision has also been further improved, which is not only reflected in the capacity of the market, but also reflected in the user's requirements for the quality and performance of machine vision products. At present, machine vision is gradually developing towards openness from simply collecting, analyzing, transmitting data and judging actions in the past. This trend also indicates that machine vision will be further integrated with color vision system

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