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Machinery and equipment enterprises are actively preparing for China (Shanghai) food machinery exhibition

although it is still more than four months before the opening of the seventh China (Shanghai) food packaging and processing equipment exhibition, many large machinery enterprises have begun to carefully prepare the list of exhibits. In order to promote their products as much and better as possible in the limited space, choosing the appropriate prototype and arranging the booth has become the highlight of exhibitors' active planning

according to statistics, China (Shanghai) food machinery exhibition attracts nearly 600 professional food packaging machinery manufacturers to participate in the exhibition every year, covering all large and medium-sized well-known enterprises in the industry, and the average exhibition area of these enterprises is more than 54 square meters. As large and medium-sized machinery and equipment are the main consideration of exhibitors, how to use the limited booth area scientifically and economically to fully display the strength of enterprises is the main consideration of exhibitors

some experts pointed out that China's food industry is about to enter the fast lane of industrial upgrading, advantages and brand development, and the demand for upstream equipment and raw materials must also be upgraded. Only by constantly improving the quality and grade of products, constantly surpassing the market demand and satisfying customers can the enterprise continue to develop and the industry continue to progress; In this regard, exhibitors who have participated in China (Shanghai) Food Machinery Exhibition for many years have a deep consensus

in response to the needs of the continuous development of the market, exhibitors have considered the selection of exhibits more than in previous years. Food machinery enterprises such as funalian, xinzhengda, Xinjie, Jiadi, Wodi, Yuedong, Zhongtian Haoyu, Lehui, Xiaojin, Yongchuang, wanshide, pulisheng, dayilong, Hualian, Yuanxiang, Baiguan, heli, Haohe, Bihai machinery are preparing to launch new products at the meeting. Some new products of enterprises are still being made day and night in order to comprehensively promote them to the market at the exhibition. This year's exhibition will highlight the overall characteristics of innovation and progress, so that visitors can gain more

the Organizing Committee of Shanghai food machinery exhibition will strengthen the publicity of the 7th China food packaging and processing equipment exhibition (CFPE) in 2013, focusing on the development of professional visitors, buyers, agents, etc. according to the real needs of exhibitors. Strive to make exhibitors' investment return, win-win cooperation, common development,

exhibition date: November 29 - December 1, 2013

exhibition address: Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 88 Caobao Road)

exhibition area: 24000 square meters, expected number of visitors 30000

exhibition theme: diversification, new technology leads the future of the food industry

Contact: Xu Junjie 1 expected types, shapes Location, and direction


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