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After the seventh day of the first month, enterprises began to open, and job seekers from all over the country returned to the city one after another. According to the "development of China's high-speed railway" released at the beginning of this year, the talent market was further heated up, showing a momentum of booming supply and demand. According to the "2018 southern China talent market spring talent supply and demand analysis report" of the southern China talent market, from the perspective of industry recruitment demand, this year, the employment demand of the machinery/electromechanical/equipment/heavy industry has been increasing, accounting for 10.24%, ranking first; In terms of posts, sales Posts still occupy the first place

for job seekers, salary is one of the most concerned aspects. The report data shows that from the perspective of recruitment salary, the demand for enterprise recruitment post salary of 3500 ~ 5499 yuan accounts for the most, accounting for 47.22% of the total demand; Secondly, the post demand of 5500 ~ 7999 yuan accounts for 30.31%, and the post demand of 8000 ~ 11999 yuan accounts for 10.74%; The salary of recruitment positions below 2499 yuan accounted for the least, only 0.30%

according to the Southern talent market, after the spring of this year, nearly 100 on-site job fairs for Southern talents will be held continuously, involving marketing, technology, management, hotel travel, which is also the most important and longest emerging tourism, retail department stores, chain operations, catering and food, so the cleaning after each application is 10 points, which is key to production, manufacturing, processing, hardware molds, auto repair and spare parts, logistics express Transportation and other industries and job categories. In addition, job seekers can also pay attention to the Southern talent official account (myjob168), preview recruitment in advance through the mobile terminal, strive to obtain breakthrough information and job needs in the manufacturing of high-speed rail and urban light rail vehicle parts, register resumes anytime and anywhere, and improve job efficiency


1 Choose the industry, focusing on interests and specialties, rather than just pursuing popularity

2. Small companies may also have "golden houses"

3. Resume should focus on learning, work experience and achievements

4. Learn to analyze the intended job needs, refine the key points, and make the resume close to the key points

5. Although it is convenient to apply for a job, the traditional on-site job fair also has great advantages

6. It's best to check the information of participating enterprises and positions in advance when participating in the on-site job fair, so as to apply for a job pertinently and be fully prepared

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