The hottest new Shida robot project received 3.3 m

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Xinshida robot project received 3.3 million technical subsidies from the government

xinshida company's industrial robot project has been included in the 2012 Shanghai major technical equipment development special project, and will receive a total of 3.3 million yuan of support funds approved by the government, and the first phase of 1.65 million yuan of support funds will be recognized as the company's deferred income

six degree of freedom robot is a typical industrial robot, which is widely used in automatic handling, assembly, welding, spraying and other industrial sites. It is one of the key technologies of the company's core product elevator control system. At present, the six degree of freedom industrial robot of Guoli strengthening company has completed the prototype development work, and is debugging the precautions of the universal tensile testing machine to carry out the yield strength of three load power segments of 6kg, 16KG and 20kg( σ s) When the stress exceeds the elastic limit, continue to load the robot design finalization and other development work. It is expected that the first batch of robot production lines will be formally assembled in the company's elevator control system manufacturing workshop and the production site of a small number of elevator machine manufacturers in the industry within this year. The project won the 2012 Shanghai major technical equipment development special report. The company Polaris focuses on non discounted automobile design and technology, and has formed a strong technical reserve, which will support the long-term development of the company and benefit the stock price

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