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Beijing linkhome's new service commitment, "marketing" will become history

on October 27, Beijing linkhome officially announced three new service commitments: Launch limited time loan approval, overdue compensation and limited time loan, overdue compensation, in order to improve the efficiency of computer high-speed sampling loan service in second-hand housing transactions; At the same time, it launched marketing, promised to disturb one and lose one hundred, and comprehensively prohibited its brokers from marketing without the permission of customers

However, the material performance remains unchanged or even higher

free of marketing, and cure the stubborn disease of the industry

for a long time, the relatively backward way of marketing has made the public miserable, and real estate brokerage is one of the industries that have long relied on this backward way. This leads to the number of harassment in real estate sales ranking in the forefront of all industries, which not only affects the experience of consumers, but also greatly affects the real estate brokerage industry, and also shows a growing social image of the broker profession

Li Fengyan, general manager of Beijing linkhome, shared on the spot

in order to completely change the bad habits of the industry and improve the consumer experience, Beijing linkhome has launched marketing, which promises to make one lose one hundred. The commitment stipulates that Beijing linkhome's on-the-job brokers are forbidden to carry out marketing activities on customers without the consent of customers, otherwise each caller number will be compensated 100 yuan

in fact, in order to force the change of the way of getting customers, Beijing linkhome launched the commitment of no marketing and compensation of 100 yuan as early as 2016. However, this commitment requires users to set the marketing free function in the chain official, app or customer service, which is inconvenient for consumers

compared with the old terms, the new marketing free commitment is more firm and thorough. It is hoped that the launch of the new commitment can truly protect the experience and rights of consumers on the one hand; On the other hand, it can really promote the transformation of brokers' operation methods and enhance brokers' professional identity. Li Fengyan, general manager of Beijing linkhome, said that as a leading enterprise in the industry, we also hope to promote the standardized development of the industry through self iteration and practice

Zhang Yangyang, Secretary of the Party branch of Beijing real estate intermediary industry association, said: in the operation mode of the whole real estate brokerage industry, marketing may be a very important way. Beijing linkhome's abandonment of marketing this time is a revolution and a big change for brokers and the industry, which has improved the overall image of the industry. I hope more companies in our industry can participate

Yang Xiaojun, Secretary General of Beijing Consumer Association, said: the commitment of Beijing linkhome free marketing is a powerful measure to respect the realization of consumers' right to personal information protection, a concrete manifestation of enterprises' implementation of laws and regulations and practical protection of consumers' rights and interests, and a positive move to actively lead industry self-discipline and actively accept social supervision. The association will supervise the implementation of the commitment on behalf of consumers, and also hopes that more enterprises can actively practice it together, gather our strength, and jointly create a harmonious consumption environment

since its establishment in 2001, Beijing linkhome has always been committed to improving the experience and efficiency of real estate transactions, and has launched a number of industry innovation initiatives, breaking the hidden rules of the industry and promoting the progress and development of the industry

as early as 2001, when it was founded, Beijing linkhome launched the industry's first free house viewing service, which improved the experience of home buyers. In 2004, Beijing chain home took the lead in proposing the sunshine operation mode of transparent trading, signing tripartite agreements and not eating the price difference, breaking the long-standing problem of information asymmetry in the real estate brokerage industry. In 2011, the first real housing commitment broke the unspoken rule that the industry was shackled by fake housing, and became the first real estate brokerage company to establish compensation in advance in China Consumer Association

in 2013, Beijing linkhome launched four reassuring service commitments to protect consumers' transaction risks. Since then, Beijing linkhome has continuously upgraded the terms of service commitments, forcing brokers to refine their operations and provide customers with quality services. By the end of September 2020, Beijing Lianjia Anxin service commitment had made 21111 compensation payments for consumers, with a total amount of 911 million yuan. After this upgrade, the total number of terms of service commitments will be increased to 21, covering the three business areas of second-hand, leasing and new houses

over the past 19 years, Beijing chain has helped Beijing become the most mature market with the best industry order through its continuous exploration and practice. Li Fengyan said that Beijing Lianjia will continue to focus on the two business concepts of being good to consumers and agents, so that the improvement of brokers' professional experience and the improvement of consumers' experience are interrelated, and better provide quality services related to residence for Beijing people

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