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The new situation of Beijing Digital Express Printing in 2006

the 2008 Olympic Games will open in Beijing less than two years later. All walks of life are working hard and going all out, hoping to seize the rare golden time and capture Olympic business opportunities in Beijing. The Digital Express Printing industry, which is still young in China, is no exception. Just a while ago, many businesses in the industry were complaining that the number of digital printing stores in the capital market had reached saturation, and there was fierce competition, which led to difficulties in the operation of the same industry. Some insiders continue to complain, and in some media called on peripheral businesses not to invest blindly and impulsively enter the digital printing industry in the capital. For a time, the market was jittery and panic stricken. While some digital printing businesses in the venue are constantly moaning about the difficulty of doing business, the business representatives of many digital printing equipment suppliers and digital printing chain franchise stores seem to be more diligent than the employees of digital printing stores. They frequently carry out marketing and promotion work in the society and express printing market, and provide potential customers with more choice forms and more attractive innovative digital printing service entrepreneurship solutions. In addition, equipment manufacturers or franchise stores have published strong advertisements and attractive investment return figures on various media, and stressed that the total output value of digital printing services in the Chinese market is less than 5% of that in Europe and the United States at present - the Chinese market has great potential and is only just beginning. Finally, the number of digital printing shops in the capital is still increasing, and the number of digital printing equipment on the market is still good. It is a continuous high-speed growth. JJG 556 ⑴ 988 axial loading decadent experimental machine verification method! Because the size of the digital printing market in the capital, the sales of digital printing products and the number of market equipment installed are still much smaller than those in Europe and the United States. Looking back on the past year, the number of people who invested in digital printing and entered the market in Beijing has not declined, the price competition is still fierce, and the equipment suppliers and franchise stores are still active! At the same time, we can see the following "phenomena" in the digital printing industry in Beijing: 1. Small and medium-sized digital printing shops continue to breed, and the threshold for investment in digital printing shops continues to decline: the price of digital office and printing equipment continues to fall. At present, it only costs less than 200000 yuan to purchase a set of brand-new production equipment for digital printing shops, including all-round high-precision, A3 format color and black-and-white printing and copying Multi position integrated digital document printer and related binding equipment with fax, email sending and receiving and image scanning functions, as well as machine counting and related basic software. Moreover, the modern equipment is exquisite in design and covers a small area, which is suitable for operation in small offices or commercial and residential units. Under the influence of strong publicity and promotion of equipment suppliers and franchise stores, many young entrepreneurs cannot resist the temptation to become the owner of digital printing stores. Digital printing shops are concentrated in high density in major business districts: Beijing commercial buildings are constantly completed, and their tenants have a certain demand for digital printing, resulting in many small and medium-sized digital printing shops in commercial buildings or office buildings for a time. As the threshold for opening digital printing shops is getting lower and lower, in some highly dense business districts (especially CBD), "one store on the first floor" and even "multiple stores on the first floor" are also gradually emerging. They all hope to capture the business of group customers near the commercial building. In addition to the downtown business district, digital express printing shops can also be seen in the suburbs along the Fifth Ring Road and some industrial parks (see the geographical distribution map on the right). 2. The digital printing chain stores of various brands are growing rapidly. As the size and business of digital printing stores are limited by the prosperity of the geographical location of the stores and environmental facilities, if you want to expand your business, you must open more branches and choose locations that have greater room for development and are suitable for your own enterprises. The mode of chain operation is the inevitable way for digital printing stores to expand their business. They all choose business places and geographical locations with better cost performance in terms of operating costs, so as to achieve the optimal market coverage, logistics operation and overall return on investment. At present, the digital printing enterprises in Beijing have more than one branch, and the distribution of the number of stores is roughly as follows:

(a) founder Yinjie chain is unstoppable: Based on the absolute advantage of Peking University Founder's Chinese character typesetting system and Chinese character Phototypesetter market share in China, in the process of promoting founder Yinjie's digital printing franchise stores to the society, Transforming or promoting new and old users of Founder's Chinese character phototypesetting system into members of Founder Yinjie chain store is a matter of proximity, which is absolutely conducive to the deployment of Founder Yinjie's rapid expansion of chain business in the country. In addition, some time ago, founder Yinjie cooperated with China Blog to launch the page printing service of "Bowen E-print", and at the same time, it pioneered the page digital printing service. (Note: if Kodak tries to transform the existing domestic chain printing shops into the chain network of "Kodak digital printing and printing shops", and if Fuji Xerox is determined to gradually transform the current domestic Fuji film printing shop network into an entity concurrently engaged in digital printing, the development speed of its chain business will be equally amazing) (b) the international graphic fast printing chain is about to be loosened: as the country is in the process of implementing the obligations of WT O Member States, Foreign enterprises are required to gradually relax the restrictions on domestic operations, and multinational chain enterprises in the industry, such as federal Jinkao, Asia graphic and speed will soon appear in a more independent and autonomous form and implement greater development measures. The number of stores of these international celebrities in Beijing has been stagnant, but it is reported that they are all ready to move, gearing up for more new stores in Beijing in the near future. Maybe there will be another new atmosphere in the Digital Express Printing chain industry in Beijing at that time. 3. The traditional short edition fast printing market is moving to digital printing. Due to the increasing demand for high-quality, small quantity and fast delivery time printed materials, many investors are optimistic about using digital printing to partially replace the task of traditional short edition fast printing Some digital printing machines, such as Aijiang iGen3, can undertake large format (6 open) computer direct printing

brush, avoiding the distortion caused by film and plate, and printing images with high-resolution direct imaging method to achieve high-definition printing effect, attracting investors to try. So far, in less than a year, five Aijiang printing systems (each worth about RMB 6million) have been installed in Beijing, and three of them are invested by outsiders, including catering culture communication companies, art and culture communication companies and IT professionals. In addition to meeting the printing needs of their own industries for professional purposes, these investors also undertake short version commercial printing tasks. In addition, a number of Kodak Np2100 high-end color digital printing machines have been installed in Beijing in the past year to meet the needs of high-quality and high-speed color printing, which further proves that the digital printing in the capital is not only to meet the purpose of office document printing, but also to enter the field of industrial and commercial printing with high requirements for quality, speed and production cycle, which means high quality The high-end short edition digital printing market has gradually formed in Beijing. 4. More printing services all walks of life concurrently engage in digital printing. As the threshold for engaging in digital printing services is getting lower and lower, many other printing service industries have decided to add digital printing equipment in consideration of their own advantages of operating computer software, and provide existing customers with an additional digital printing service, so as to add an additional income to the enterprise. Therefore, many graphic design, printing companies and film output centers in Beijing, such as longri graphic and Galilee, have added digital printing services to enrich the content of the overall service. In addition, in recent years, many publishing houses in Beijing have also added medium or high-end digital printing equipment, which not only meets the needs of internal on-demand publishing and printing, but also undertakes digital printing tasks in the society. They include intellectual property publishing house, petroleum industry publishing house, Standard Publishing House and Qiushi publishing house. 5. Digital printing enterprises are also engaged in other printing services as well as traditional offset printing and related services: while many printing service industries in the capital are also engaged in digital printing industry, some digital printing enterprises are also engaged in other printing service links, so as to expand the existing service scope and provide customers with more comprehensive and comprehensive services. Due to transmission 1 The test knowledge required by the decline tester is that traditional offset printing is a process widely used by general commercial customers. At present, many digital printing enterprises also operate the business of traditional offset printing. Some digital fast printing enterprises, such as enpal and century Hengyu, are engaged in the production of offset printing in their own production plants in the suburbs of Beijing, and implement the amphibious production and service of digital and offset printing. As an extension of digital image printing services, some digital printing stores (such as liangtu Digital Express Printing, beiren Yimei, Xinyi store, etc.) also provide digital printing services for substrates other than paper, such as printing images submitted by customers on cultural shirts, baseball caps, mugs, ceramic plates, ceramic plates, metal plates, etc, The production process generally adopts thermal sublimation ink and thermal transfer technology. 6. The 24-hour, 24-hour service began to popularize the Digital Express Printing Service. Like the express service, every minute counts. Some Digital Express Printing stores have been in the habit of providing 24-hour service for many years. On the East Third Ring Road, there are three fast printing stores close to the street, namely federal kinkao, Shimei digital and Vtron business. Their stores are always full of lights, and their employees are waiting for customers 24 hours a day. Maybe the late night workload of the Express Printing shop doesn't need overnight service, but as a reflection of the advertising and customer satisfaction service on the road to prosperity, this move can really achieve the purpose of improving the company's image and performing high-quality services. Many digital printing shops located in commercial and residential buildings (such as SOHO modern city) adopt the business mode of front store and back house. Employees are on duty 24 hours a day (similar to the output center), and they also provide round the clock service at any time. In addition, the export center itself is an industry that provides 24-hour services. In recent years, some export centers engaged in Digital Express Printing business, which also promoted the popularity of 24-hour all-weather services in the express printing industry

7. The brands of digital printing and supporting equipment are more diversified. In the past, only oneortwo brands of printing equipment were generally seen in digital printing stores in Beijing, as if the brand was synonymous with digital printing equipment. Today, in different stores, you can see digital printing and supporting equipment of various brands, speeds and load capacities, from Kodak, Fuji Xerox, HP, HP indigo, Canon, Konica Minolta, Saikang, Ricoh, Oki and other brands, to various functions and levels. Digital printing shops can make choices according to their individual production needs to ensure that they give full play to the advantages and expertise of the equipment. Under the benign competition of many equipment brands, the customer satisfaction of digital printing shops will be guaranteed to a certain extent. 8. Since the full launch of the on-demand publishing and printing project in Beijing, the development of domestic on-demand publishing and printing has encountered many obstacles and has not been carried out smoothly in Beijing. Beijing Zhongxian tuofang Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the National Intellectual Property Publishing House, recently launched

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