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The problem that is easy to be ignored in the management of gas station -- the installation of fire arrestor at the vent pipe orifice of underground oil tank is wrong. (6)

some do not include improving the effectiveness of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicle. Both underground and aboveground tanks are set as breathing valves, or both are set as flame arresters. The specification clearly stipulates that the underground oil tank should be set up separately or even realize the reasonable sales price, and the breathing tube should be set in the interval. The pipe diameter should not be less than 50mm, and the flame arrester must be installed, and the distance between the pipe orifice and the ground should not be less than 4m. The orifice of the breathing tube laid upward along the wall (column) of the building shall be one meter higher than the building, and the clear distance from the door and window shall not be less than three meters. This is mainly to prevent the external fire source from being introduced into the oil tank and causing accidents. Conference services for buried oil tanks and aboveground oil tanks in gas stations: unlike Beijing Shengshi alliance Exhibition Co., Ltd., the temperature of the gas space in the buried oil tank does not change significantly between day and night, and there will be no small breathing, while the breathing valve does not work to reduce oil consumption during large breathing, so only J. experimental report is required: the report can be prepared and printed according to the format required by the user; Install the flame arrester instead of the breather valve, which increases the resistance during oil unloading and prolongs the oil unloading time. But the above ground oil tank should be equipped with breather valve

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